2019.11.02 Fight for Autonomy, Stand with Hong Kong Rally

There was a call for the ‘Fight for Autonomy, Stand with Hong Kong Rally’ at Victoria Park earlier today, yet, it was banned by the Hong Kong Police. In response to that, 128 pro-democracy candidates in the upcoming District Council elections organised election meetings on Victoria Park’s Central Lawn, which according to the Guidelines of Election, it was not necessary to notify the police if each candidates invited no more than 50 supporters to their meetings


【14:50】Riot Police gathered at Great George Street near Victoria Park, raised the blue flag to warmed citizens to leave the area immediately and claimed it was an unauthorised assembly at Victoria Park. There was no sign of protestors/ citizens, not including the Police and several press, yet, riot police still requested people to return to sidewalk.

There were protestors got pepper sprayed and arrested.


【15:15】Lots of citizens started to walk on the road outside of Sogo in Causeway Bay towards Central, while Riot Police was setting up a cordon line at Percival Street.


【15:57】Some protestors started to set barricade.


【16:00】Police entering Victoria Park from the exit opposite Hong Kong Central Library.


【16:25】Loads of riot police enter Victoria Park to disperse citizens. Emptying football fields and Central Yawn in short period of time while two candidates were arrested.


【16:55】Water cannon vehicle was at Johnston Road near Southorn Playground, and back to Sogo area and blasted water towards Hysan Place.  Riot police later rush into Jardine’s Cres and arrested a lady.


【17:05】Police fired tear gases and blasted water cannon along Hennessy Road. Police Around a hundred protestors were stopped and searched, not knowing whether they would be arrested.


【17:30】Police firing rounds of tear gas to protesters, creating strong smoke. Some protestors used petrol bomb to stop the police getting closer.


【18:30】Bunch of protestors gathered at Central after the dawn, burning junk at the exits of MTR station. Police fired tear gases from 18:15 at Des Voeux Road Central near Landmark, while protestors retreated to Sheung Wan.


【18:45】A First Aider was hit by tear gas outside of Times Square at Causeway Bay. There were flames seen after he got hit, which burnt a large area of his back and he was once went into shock and lost his consciousness.


【20:35】Riot police in Causeway Bay kept firing tear gases near Canal Road Flyover and push the cordon line towards Sogo, yet, only press were seen in the area.


【22:30】A group of protestors went to Nathan Road at Mong Kok, setting up fire on the streets. Police fired 20 – 30 tear gases outside of CMB Wing Lung Bank Centre. Many passersby were suffered from the tear gases.


【22:30】Police arrested several protestors in Mong Kok. A South China Morning Post journalist was hit by several Pepper-spray projectile and receiving treatment from first aider.