2019.10.06 Anti-emergency law protest conflicts errupted in vaiours districts

On the second day of Anti-mask law, another call for “anti-totalitarianism anti-emergency law protest” (Oct 6) was initiated on the internet, with one on kowloon and one on Hong Kong Island. Protesters named it “Kowloon Revolution, Hong Kong Island Uprising” and called for people on both sides of the Victoria Harbour to walk together.

The one on Kowloon begins at Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and ends at Maple Street Playground in Sham Shui Po. The one on Hong Kong Kong Island begins at Sogo in Causeway Bay and ends at Charter Garden in Central. Both protests were planned to start at 2pm.


【14:00】Protestors in Causeway Bay gathers at 2pm as planned. A kid leads the crowd to shout protest slogan「fight for freedom, stay with hong kong six demands, not one less」


【10.6 上街】銅鑼灣有小朋友帶領市民高呼「fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong」、「five demands, not one less」等口號。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【14:13】Protestors on Hong Kong Island have arrived at Wan Chai. One of the traffic lanes is occupied by protestors. Some uphold a banner saying “Hong Kong Police, first-degree murder”


【14:26】Protestors in Tsim Sha Tsui begins at 2:05pm. The crowds is now on Nathan Road.


【14:27】Police says protestors are participating in an unauthorized assembly and warned protestors to stop any illegal act.


【14:36】Protestors in Tsim Sha Tsui heads to the north along Nathan Road. They are now at Jardon.


【14:44】Protestors on Hong Kong Island has arrived at Admiralty. They shout the slogan “Hong Kongers, Revolt”. They also hold up 5 fingers, a symbol for 5 demands.


【14:48】Protestors on Kowloon move along Nathan Road. Barricades are set up in multiple locations. A section of both bounds of Nathan Road near Tsim Sha Tsui East is occupied by the protestors.


【14:52】Around 10 Anti-riot Squad with guns are looking over at protestos at the platform at Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station.


【14:56】The footbridge at Admiralty Center is closed. Reporters on the footbridge are driven away by the police. Anti-riot Squad says that the footbridge at Citic Tower will be closed soon. Protests have set up barriades on Harcourt Road.


【15:00】Protestors arrive at Charter Garden.


【14:05】Exit at Jordan MTR station is damaged by the protestors.


【14:15】Protestors block the exit in Wan Chai MTR station.


【14:19】Best Mart 360 on Nathan Road at Jordan is dafaced with graffiti by protestors.


【14:21The police raise a yellow flag


【14:26】Protestors on Kowloon has arrived at Mong Kok Stadim at Boundary street, heading towards Festival Walk at Kowloon Tong.


【14:28】Protestors at Hong Kong Island has arrived at Harcourt Road in Admiraly


【15:42】The police fire tear gas outside Pacific Place in Admiralty


【15:52】Some Protestors on Kowloon has arrived at Festival walk, planning to head towards Nam Shan Estate and then to Sham Shui Po

【15:56】Line of defense is set up by Anti-riot Squad with shields near People’s Liberation Army Kowloon East Barracks at Waterloo Road. The police raise blue flag. Protestors retreat and head towards Mong Kok.

【16:20】Protestors on Kowloon has now arrived at Cheung Sha Wan Road. Some have already passed Sham Shui Po Police Station.


【16:28】Yau Ma Tei MTR station is damaged. The exit is blocked. Protestors use bamboo stick to set up barricade on Nathan Road.


1615 有示威者破壞油麻地站 C 出口,有新聞直播顯示站內有軍裝警員,因此示威者破壞後迅即離去。油麻地站內正進行廣播,呼籲乘客盡快離開車站。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【16:32】Protestors use safety cone to set up barricade on Gloucester Road outside the Revenue Tower at Wan Chai.


【16:34】At Rodney Street, Wan chai, Protestors use umbrellas to set up line of defense


【16:38】Announcement is made by the MTR company saything that in order to protect the safety of the customers and its employees, both the trains on Tseun Wan line and Kwun Tong Line will not stop at Yau Ma Tei MTR station and Yau Ma Tei MTR station is going to be temporarily closed due to severe damage.

【16:41】Police fire tear gas outside Hong Kong Police Headquarters


【16:45】Protestors on Kowloon has arrived at Cheung Sha Wan Road outside Un Chau Estate, Cheung Sha Wan.


【16:45】Tear gas is fired outside Mong Kong Police Station.

【16:45】Protestors set up barricade with bamboo stikcs over the junction of Sai Yeung Choi Street North and Boundary Street


【16:51】China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited in Wan Chai is set on fire, allegedly caused by protestors who throws burning material at the shop.


【16:51】Protestors break into Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices to damage the office.


1640 左右,有示威者進入長沙灣政府合署,進行破壞。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【17:01】The police raise black flag outside Prince Edward MTR station.

【17:06】Protestors suddently go into Fulum Restarant at Sham Shui Po to destroy some of the facility. A lady is sacred and cries. Protestors realize that they have sacred the lady. So they give the lady a tissue and then leave immediately.

示威者破壞富臨 安慰受驚市民

【示威者破壞富臨 安慰受驚市民】示威者突然進入長沙灣富臨酒家破壞,有市民受驚痛哭,示威者發現後表示「嚇親人」。受驚市民表示「明呀明呀!」示威者其後離開,臨走送上紙巾安慰。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【17:07】The police fire multiple tear gas at Admiralty. Protestors on Hong Kong Island retreat to Wan Chai. Some head towards Mid-levels.


【17:11】Anti–riot Squad fire tear gas outside Lockhart Road Market in Wan Chai. Protestors at Gluocester Road retreat to Causeway Bay.


【17:17】At the Juncton of Lockhart Road and Tonnochy Road in Wan Chai, a man operates an excavator. The man on the exvacator makes the excavator move forward for quite a bit. The man is also capable of using the boom of the excavator.


【17:20】Protestors burning clutters at Prince Edward Road West

【17:22】A taxi driver near Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices drives in opposite direction and rams onto the pavement, hitting two pedestrians. One 23-year-old breaks both of her legs and is admitted to the hospital by ambulance. Protestors immediately surround the taxi and the taxi driver. Protestors destory the taxi and beat the taxi driver severly.


【17:29】An excavator is used as a barricade at the junction of Lockhard Road and Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai.


【17:32】Police have raised black flag, orange flag and have already fired tear gas at the junction of Lockhard Road and Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai.


【17:43】Anti-riot Squad set up line of defense at Wan Chai. Fireman has arrived to put out the fire set up by the protestors with clutters.


【17:43】More than 10 protestors are arrested at Tai Po Road near the Prince Centre.

【17:46】Police raise yellow flag on the opposite side of the Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices


【17:55】City Braodcasting Channel reported that a reporter from RTHK was hit by a patrol bomb opposite TaKungPo at Tonnochy Road. His helmet and camera were on fire. A protestor in black tried to help putting out the fire. The reporter was now addmitted to Ruttonjee Hospital.

銅鑼灣天樂里 港台記者及攝影師被燃燒彈擊擊中

1755 銅鑼灣天樂里附近,香港城市大學學生會城市廣播拍到,有兩名穿反光衣、頭盔寫有 PRESS 字樣的人被燃燒彈擊中,二人的頭盔及攝影機起火,港台證實其記者及攝影師被擊中。影片來源:城市廣播 City Broadcasting Channel (CBC)不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【17:58】A middle-aged man was kicked and punched by six to seven protestors on Nathan Road near the HSBC on Argyle Street, Mong Kok. Ambulance arrived ten minutes later. Bloodstain could be seen on the ground.



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【18:00】Police’s Specialised crowd management vehicle is heading towards Canal Road in Causeway Bay.


【18:01】A protestor in protective mask tries to operate the small drilling machine but with no success. He left the drilling machine later.


灣仔有戴 gear 示威者嘗試操作小型鑽地機,但似乎不太成功,其後下車離開。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【18:04】The police moves towards Wan Chai. Near Canal Road in Causeway Bay, at least 5 protestors were arrested.


【18:11】Protestors are burning clutter outside SOGO in Causeway Bay. Since the cardboards are wet due to the rain earlier, the fire is not too strong.


【18:14】Mong Kok MTR Exit are on fire with the one at D3 exit particularly strong with smoke coming out from the exit. Protestors are throwing stone at the MTR station.

旺角港鐵站 C 出口起火

旺角港鐵站 C 出口起火,亦有市民不斷向內掉石塊破壞不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【18:33】The starbucks at Tin Hau was destroyed.


【18:35】Anti-riot squad are clearing barricade outside Mong Kok Police Station.


【18:35】A lady, standing in front of the defense line set up by the Anti-riot police on Hennessy Road at Wan Chai, takes off her mask and uses her flute to play the song “Glory to Hong Kong” and “A bunch of Police”.



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【18:37】Protestors set up fire in Cheung Sha Wan MTR station.



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【18:40】The office of the District Council member Leung Mei-fun at Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei, is destroyed by protestors.


【18:47】The office of the Legislative Council member Chiang Lai-wan at Un Chau Estate, Cheung Sha Wan, is destroyed by protestors.


【18:51】Protestors go into Fulum restuarant at Trade square at Cheung Sha Wan and destroy the chairs, the tables and the partitions. The fish and the cashier are left untouched. No robbery is seen on the site.

【1851 長沙灣示威者進富臨酒家內破壞】

【1851 長沙灣示威者進富臨酒家內破壞】位於長沙灣貿易廣場的富臨酒家今日被示威者進內破壞,酒樓內的枱、櫈、屏風等亦被打爛,但收銀機和魚均完好無缺。從影片所見,示威者亦將酒樓內的雪櫃推倒,汽水大部分倒地上,亦有示威者嘗試打爛酒櫃卻未能成功,未見有示威者偷竊。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【18:54】Artist Celine Ma was attacked by protestors in Mong Kok. Her lips and her head are bleeding. Celine Ma has attended pro-police rally and has been calling the protestors “rubbish” on the internet.


【19:14】Exit A2 at Kowloon Tong station is set on fire.


【19:14】Anti-riot squad at Canal Road in Causeway fire multiple tear gas. Nearby Pedestrians shout at the anti-riot squad whom retreat later.



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【19:16】On Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po, another taxi dirver hit the pavement. Not sure if anybody get hurt.


【19:30】Protestors on Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, point at the barrack of the People’s Liberation Army with laser pens. Soldiers inside the barracks point back at the protestors with strong light. A yellow flag saying “You are violating the law. You might be prosecuted” is raised to warn the protestors. Later, in poor Cantonese, a solider warn the protestors that they will have to bear any possible consequences on a microphone.


【19:44】The office of the District Council members Wong Kwok-kin and Ho Kai-ming at Wang Tau Hom Estate, Wong Tai Sin, is destroyed by protestors.


【19:52】In Lok Fu, in response to the police firing multiple tear gas, protestors throws petrol bomb to the police.

【樂富 1952】警方在樂富發射多枚催淚彈

【樂富 1952】警方在樂富發射多枚催淚彈,示威者以氣油彈還擊。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/31S5hyf直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/standnewsdigest報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【20:04】Protestos set up barricade on Price Edward Road East.


【20:15】A middle-aged clash with a protestor at Argyle Street, Mong Kok. The middle-aged is hurt and is addmitted to the hospital by ambulance.


【20:18】After the police have left, the civilians gathers at the junction of Nathan Road and Argyle Street again.


【20:18】Police at the Eastern Harbour Crossing cordon off the Kowloon exit. They stop and search the passengers on one of the buses.



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【20:23】The office of the District Council member Li Tak-hong at Tung Tau Estate, Lok Fu, is destroyed by protestors.


【20:38】Most Protestors on Hong Kong Island are gone.
Hennessy Road opens again.