2019.10.01 Three Centimetres Away From Death – Form 5 Student Nearly Killed After Police Fires Live Revolver Round at Chest

Today, violent clashes broke out between police and protestors in multiple districts. Notably, this is day that marks the first time police officers fire live rounds at protestors. At 4 PM, while protestors were clashing with the police on Tai Ho Street (Tsuen Wan), one male teenage protestor was shot by a live revolver round. Sustaining a chest wound, he immediately collapsed to the floor. Ironically, some officers went up to apply pressure on  the chest in an attempt to block the bleeding despite them being the ones who caused the injury in the first place. Ambulance was summoned shortly after. Fitted with oxygen mask, he was rushed to the hospital for emergency rescue.

警荃灣近距離開實彈槍 示威者左邊胸口中彈 情況危殆

【警荃灣半呎距離開實彈槍 示威者左邊胸口中彈 情況危殆】報道全文:http://bit.ly/2oUZycD警方今日下午四時許在荃灣海霸街一帶清場期間,警方曾於荃灣海壩街近川龍街近距離向一名示威者發射實彈,示威者情況危殆。該名示威者為一名中五學生,就讀荃灣公立何傳耀紀念中學,《立場新聞》亦向該校老師求證,證實示威者就讀其中學,校長及班主任正前往瑪嘉烈醫院。根據該校的校訊顯示,有一位名為「曾志健」的學生就讀 5B 班,及擔任該校仁社副社長。《立場新聞》直播時拍攝到該名傷者一度似毫無知覺,口唇蒼白。ㅤ相關報道:【中五生中槍】近距離開實彈 盧偉聰:生命受威脅 合法合理 距離非警員決定https://bit.ly/2mEwOE5盧偉聰:四個地點開六槍 拘捕至少180 人 涉暴動等罪https://bit.ly/2oahZJT肺部中彈 曾使用人工心肺 警:開槍為拯救自己及同袍生命https://bit.ly/2oiXj2c影片授權:Campus TV, HKUSU 香港大學學生會校園電視、香港城市大學學生會編輯委員會 Editorial Board, CityU SU

Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

According to Now News, Hong Kong Police confirmed the shooting in Tsuen Wan. According to multiple sources, the teenager was shot in his left chest by a .38 bullet that went inside the left lung but did not penetrate the back. He was unconscious when he arrived at Princess Margaret Hospital. Determined to be in critical condition (close to dying), he immediately received emergency rescue. His family was quickly notified and rushed to the hospital. A friend of the teenager confirmed to journalists that he is currently studying in form 5 (~17 years old).

(18:37) The teenager would later be sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

(19:25) Vice-principal of the teenager’s school arrived at the hospital. She said she had not seen her student yet, and would release school notice to all students the day after. Meanwhile, several people hurried to the hospital as well. Shedding tears, they could not hold themselves anymore.

(20:11) The teenager was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and transitioned from critical to emergency condition. The bullet was stuck in his left chest and required surgery for removal as well as guided fluid flow out of the chest. He also sustained rib bone fracture and haemothorax. The only good news was that there was no damage to major blood vessels, and vital organs such as the heart and liver were all functional.

(20:52) At 8 PM, Senior Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch YU Hoi Kwan posted on the Facebook page “Hong Kong Police” that the officers encountered large scale attack which was life-threatening to their colleagues, so to save themselves, one bullet was fired at the 18 years old teenager, and they claimed that they injured his “left shoulder”. Infuriated by her speech, viewers angrily commented, “do you have shoulders growing out of your chest?”

(21:50) The open surgery was finished, and the teenager was sent to ICU. According to preliminary information, doctors predicted he should survive, and pointed out that while the bullet had went inside the lung, it only reached the slim gap between the lung and the heart, so neither the heart and the aorta were affected.


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