2019.10.01 No National Day, Only National Shame

In the face of the embarrassing scene of the “tear gas celebration” of the National Day, the police completely blocked the Civil Human Rights Front’s “No National Day, Only National Shame” march. However, Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho, Leung Kwok-hung and Figo Chan of the pro-democracy camp declared civil disobedience and took over today’s Hong Kong Island march in their own names, and met at 1:00 pm at East Point Road, Causeway Bay for the Chater Pedestrian Precinct. In addition, there were also “National Day Celebration” events in Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan, Wan Chai, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin and Sha Tin. MTR has closed a total of 11 stations so far at 11am, in preparation of the events.

[08:30] Someone had hung up a flag on the top of Lion Rock near the Lion’s Head with the words “1st October National Shame Day, Liberate Hong Knog” on a black background and a “Go Hong Kong” flag on a white background.

[09:35] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of riot police officers have set up security around the Wong Tai Sin Temple and inside the MTR Wong Tai Sin Station.

[10:30] MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit A, B and C are closed. Kwun Tong Station Exit A has also been closed

[11:00] Admiralty, Wan Chai, Prince Edward, Causeway Bay, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin, Shatin, Che Kung Temple, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Tsuen Wan West MTR Stations have been closed.

[11:20] Police set up roadblocks in various parts in Hong Kong to stop and check passing vehicles. A police roadblock was set up on Princess Margaret Road towards the Cross Harbour Tunnel to stop and check Hong Kong Island-bound vehicles; a large number of riot police stopped and checked airport-bound buses at the Lantau Link toll booth. Police roadblocks on Tuen Mun Road into Tuen Mun, Tate’s Cairn Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing were also set up.

[11:40] The five flagpoles at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier are not hoisted with the national and regional flags even though it is the National Day of the Chinese Communist Party.

[11:54] About 100 people have gathered outside Che Kung Temple in Shatin.

[12:00] The Prince Edward Station flower installation, which was demolished by the FEHD yesterday, has been restored by the public overnight

[13:40] A large number of people gathered off Shatin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin. The riot police drove the people from temple Mall to Shatin Pass Road towards Chuk Yuen. Riot police once raised a blue flag to warn the civilians.

[13:50] Outside Wong Tai Sin Temple, riot police officers fired tear gas without raising any flag. In addition, there were roadblocks set up by protesters at Shatin Pass Road

[14:00] Outside the Tuen Mun Town Hall, riot police officers suddenly dispersed the assembled civilians and subdued several people on the ground, causing discontent among the civilians present.  A large number of civilians then surrounded the riot police, who returned fire with batons and pepper spray. The black-clad people then scattered. The riot police took the subdued civilians into the Tuen Mun Town Hall.

[14:10] Outside Wong Tai Sin Temple, police officers raised black flags to warn, but no civilians were gathering nearby.

[14:20] In Tsuen Wan, protesters started digging bricks opposite the Sha Tsui Road Stadium, and at the junction of Sha Tsui Road and Chung On Street, protesters started erecting roadblocks. The protesters then walked off Castle Peak Road and blocked the road.

[14:30] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of protesters blocked Lung Cheung Road towards Kwun Tong, and riot police rushed to disperse them by firing tear gas. Protesters retreated to Lung Cheung Road off Galaxia in Diamond Hill and confronted riot police.


[14:40] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of civilians poured out of Lung Cheung Road opposite Morse Park and surrounded the riot police from front and back.

[14:45] In Sham Shui Po, the police have raised black flags and asked civilians to leave the scene.

[15:00] In Wong Tai Sin, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan, protesters burned miscellaneous objects on the roads.

[15:05] In Sham Shui Po, riot police temporarily evacuated, Cheung Sha Wan Road reopened.

[15:10] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of protesters erected roadblocks at Po Kong Village Road off Fung Tak Estate and confronted the riot police, who fired a number of tear gas canisters. In addition, the entire length of Lung Cheung Road opposite Wong Tai Sin Centre is currently occupied by a large number of protesters who have erected roadblocks.

[15:20] A large number of protesters set up roadblocks off Vcity in Tuen Mun, burned miscellaneous objects and broke out in a battle with the riot police, throwing bricks and tear gas.

[15:30] In Mongkok, over 100 protesters set up roadblocks at the junction of Nathan Road and Argyle Street, occupying the road.

[15:40] Riot police kept firing tear gas at Vcity in Tuen Mun.

[15:44] Riot police raised red flags at Tai Ho Road in Tsuen Wan and repeatedly fired tear gas, some people held up umbrellas in an attempt to defense.

[15:47] Police clashes also broke out in Yau Ma Tei, with three police officers pulling out batons to disperse the crowd, while some protesters threw objects at the police or fought back with their fists and feet. Two police officers fell and bled from their heads. In the confusion, a police officer, who appeared to be uninjured, fired two rounds of live ammunition into the air at a 45-degree angle, forcing the protesters to retreat.

[15:49] Riot police raised red and blue flags outside Vcity in Tuen Mun.

[15:55] Police clashes broke out at Tai Ho Road in Tsuen Wan, where one of the protesters fell to the ground with blood on the left side of his chest and was suspected to have been shot.

[16:03] Clashes broke out in Wong Tai Sin. Riot police fired tear gas to disperse the civilians at scene, and a number of motorcycles parked at the roundabout of Wong Tai Sin Shopping Centre were set fire. Firefighters are currently at the scene.

[16:10] A number of fire officers arrived to put out the fire, and many motorcycles in Wong Tai Sin were burned to the ground.

[16:14] Roadblocks were set up and burned at Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, and the glass of Yoshinoya was smashed.

[16:15] Riot police raised black flags in Wong Tai Sin. A large number of people have gathered near Temple Mall, and petrol bombs have been thrown into Wong Tai Sin Station air vents and bus terminus.

[16:17] At Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, riot police raised both black and red flags at the same time

[16:24] Orange flag raised outside Wong Tai Sin Police Station

[16:27] After the fire at Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road roadblock was extinguished, the riot police started to push forward quickly, pointing their guns at the people and gathering them to disperse. The two sides then confronted each other near a MTR station, during which the police raised black flags and fired tear gas.

[16:27] A man was injured and fell down in Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan. Ambulancemen arrived to give treatments and took him to the hospital in an ambulance.

[16:30] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of riot police rushed out of Lung Cheung Road to disperse and subdue several protesters. The rest of the protesters scattered. A grey-clad citizen fell to the ground and injured his head, and needed the assistance of a volunteer first-aider.

[16:53] Members of the Wong Tai Sin Special Tactics Squad (STS) subdued at least 5 people at Lung Cheung Road, causing discontent with civilians at the scene.

[16:57] The Tsuen Wan Riot Police raised both black and orange flags and released tear gas. In addition, some riot police officers suddenly walked to the staircase next to New Haven and knocked on the railing of the staircase before walking up to the flyover, by which time most of the protesters in the vicinity had backed off to a distance. Quite a few of the pavement was filled with passersby in plain clothes. After going up to the flyover, the riot police officers suddenly pulled out their guns and shouted loudly to scare passers-by on the street. In the meantime, another riot police officer lost control of his emotions and pushed away the reporter’s cell phone, not allowing the reporter to take pictures and ordering the reporter to “get out”, before being pulled back by his colleagues.

[16:58] A large number of riot police raised orange flags and fired tear gas outside Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices before advancing towards Yu Chau Street. Roadblocks were set up on Castle Peak Road opposite The Garden Company and lit up various objects, and there was black smoke at the scene.

[17:08] A journalist in Tsuen Wan was filming the shell casings on the ground, then the riot police drove the reporter away and picked up the shell castings.

[17:27] In Wong Tai Sin, a large number of protesters gathered at Lung Cheung Road opposite Morse Park while a fire broke out at a set of roadblocks on Lung Cheung Road. In addition, helicopter is hovering over Wong Tai Sin.

[17:45] In Tuen Mun, the riot police hoisted the black flag again, then fired tear gas.

[17:47] In Sham Shui Po, a civilian threw petrol bombs into a police station, after which the riot police hoisted an orange flag and fired a series of tear gas grenades inside the police station.

[18:08] In Tsuen Wan, a closed government office building was broken into, facilities were damages and fire bomb were thrown inside, and left before long; another person threw fire bombs at the Tsuen Wan MTR station and smashed the glass of Yoshinoya.

[18:13] In Wong Tai Sin, a number of people retreated to the junction of Fung Tak Road and Po Kong Village Road, during which a large slingshot was used to shoot objects at the police defence line.

[18:40] A member of the public set up roadblocks at Lung Cheung Road and lit up some objects to stop the police from pushing forward.

[18:50] A male journalist from RTHK’s English News Division was injured in the corner of his right eye during the Sham Shui Po conflict. He received treatment in an ambulance at the scene.

[18:53] Roadblocks were burned outside V City, Tuen Mun, the fire was fierce and an explosion was heard at one point. The firefighters then arrived and put out the fire, and the riot police quickly pushed forward to disperse the people, but the gathered people were already scattered.

[19:09] Sham Shui Po’s gathered civilians pushed towards the police station again and threw petrol bombs in the direction of the police station, the riot police raised orange flags and released tear gas to the crowd. Afterwards, the civilians backed up and shone star-gazing pens at the police station.

[19:10] About 30 riot police officers set up a defensive line on Fortress Hill and pushed the line towards Tin Hau at one point. Subsequently, the police officers all put on gas masks and shields and blocked the Queen’s Road towards Fortress Hill.

[20:27] People threw petrol bombs outside Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices. Firefighters on the scene to put out the fire.

[20:57] A large number of civilians gathered outside Mongkok Police Station and another 50 people lit joss paper at Exit B1 of Prince Edward Station. Subsequently, some police officers raised the black and blue flags at the police station, and all members of the public dispersed immediately

[21:03] A petrol bomb was thrown at the exit of Kweilin Street in Sham Shui Po MTR Station. There was an explosion of fire, and then someone set off fireworks outside the exit.

[21:08] A police officer released tear gas at Mongkok Police Station, an old man was unable to escape in time and suffered from tear gas inhalation, while a snack shop owner also suffered from tear gas inhalation, causing shortness of breath.

[21:19] A police officer in Mongkok Police Station fired tear gas into Allied Plaza, 100 meters away from Police Station, and a civilian immediately turned on the water hose to put out the gas.

[21:40] A person threw petrol bombs at a roadblock on Nathan Road outside Mongkok Police Station, and it was followed by tear gas from the police to try to disperse the public.


[22:05] A civilian set off fireworks at Nathan Road, then riot police and the STS pushed along Nathan Road and Lai Chi Kok Road at the same time. Civilians at the scene then retreated and at least two people were subdued by police. When the reporters were filming at the scene, the riot police asked the reporters to back off, during which there was pushing and shoving. Some police officers even accused reporters of assaulting police officers, causing discontent among them.

[22:39] The police began to close in. Sources on the scene said that a man in a reflective suit was taken away. Some journalists were displeased and shouted at the police, “You guys even arrest journalists!”

[23:07] Police arrested at least 5 young people in Kwai Chung Estate, and a large number of residents subsequently confronted the rioters, shouting slogans such as “black police” and “let go”. The police returned fire by shining glaring strobe lights at the residents, during which the riot police raised red flags to warn those present to stop the impact or force will be used. The residents at the scene said that at the time of the incident, the residents asked the police to leave, and subsequently, the police suddenly attacked and arrested the civilian with batons, and the police officers at the scene did not explain any reason beforehand.

[23:20] As at 10pm, HA said a total of 66 people aged between 11 and 75 were admitted to hospital with injuries, of which 2 men were in critical condition, 2 were serious, the rest were stable and discharged from hospital, and the condition of 2 others was unknown.


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