2019.09.29 Going International – Global Anti-Totalitarianism March

Today, the “929 Global Anti-Totalitarianism March” was organised in many regions around the globe such as USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Taiwan. In Hong Kong, protestors gathered at 2:30 PM and began marching at 3:00 PM on Hennessy Road outside of SOGO in Causeway Bay towards the Central Government Complex in Admiralty.

【13:00】 Officers were carrying out stop-and-search on people in black outside of World Trade Centre. The photo shows 3 who were searched and taken away.


【13:25】 Raymond Chan Chi-Chuen, president of the People Power party, confirmed that vice president Tam Tak-Chi was arrested.

【13:27】 Police on Great George Street raised black flags to forewarn the incoming tear gas.


【13:42】 Police officers were guarding every entry of Wan Chai Station, and there were also around 20 on the platform towards Chai Wan.


【13:44】 Police on Great George Street now raised the yellow flag to warn against attempted breaching of police defence line.


【14:15】 Outside of SOGO, the police and protestors were in stand-off. Officers pointed their batons and peppery sprays at protestors. One of the middle aged protestors argued with the officers and was dragged into the defence line, pressed onto the floor and locked up. His clothes was scratched.

【14:25】 Multiple rounds of tear gas were fired. Some citizens and officers without gas masks were affected.


【14:30】 Some medical professionals had planned to host the “929 Humanitarian Rescue Pledge Ceremony” outside of the World Trade Centre, but police set up a cordon before the ceremony which prevented entry for new joiners.


【14:42】 Tear gas was released near Olympic Bridge, Causeway Bay.

【9.29 反極權大遊行.直播 7】銅鑼灣現場

【9.29 反極權大遊行.直播 7】銅鑼灣現場有市民今日(29 日)發起「9.29 全球反極權大遊行」,由銅鑼灣崇光百貨遊行到金鐘政府總部,預計下午 2 時半出發。原訂出發時間前,已有大批警察於銅鑼灣一帶截查市民。警方於約 1 時半展示黑旗,警告市民正在參與非法集結,如不散去將會使用催淚彈驅散。警方約 2 時 20 分發射催淚彈,並展開清場行動。不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/2mLgUI1直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料 Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/2F3k6pX支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【14:57】 Protestors began to march from Causeway Bay towards Wan Chai. Meanwhile, multiple helicopters were spotted above.


【15:20】 A team of raptor squad entered Wan Chai Station, awaiting orders.

【15:20】 National flags of multiple countries were seen in the hands of protestors to signify the global nature of this anti-totalitarianism campaign.


【15:30】 Banners celebrating Chinese national day was sprayed on by words of “Liberate Hong Kong”. PRC was crossed out.


【15:47】 Blue flag was raised on Queensway, warning the use of force against what they claimed “unlawful assembly”.


【15:50】 A section of Harcourt Road outside the LegCo complex was occupied by protestors.


【15:55】 Protestors had built barricades on Hennessy Road. Police fired tear gas in response.


【15:58】 Police released tear gas on Queensway nearing Taikoo Place.


【16:25】 Jets of blue water was fired out of a water cannon truck towards Harcourt Road. Officers also short tear gas from the top of the Central Government Complex, but there were actually no protestors to be seen.


【16:40】 In Tim Wa Avenue outside of the government complex, protestors tossed multiple petrol bombs, but the fire was extinguished by water jets.


【16:45】 Admiralty Station was closed.

【16:50】 An Indonesian journalist was shot in the right eye by an alleged beanbag round (some sources say rubber bullets) and immediately collapsed. First-aiders rushed to her side and ambulance arrived at around 5 PM. The journalist was conscious when escorted away.


【16:53】 A team of riot police rushed to the Harcourt bridge and a young man was clamped to the ground. Some officers used pepper spray in close distance despite the man being already subdued. They even covered his mouth to muffle his voice, preventing him from shouting out his name to journalists. At the same time, another young man was tied, but he seemed to have already lost consciousness. Officers had searched his belongings while he was unconscious, meaning he was vulnerable to deliberate evidence planting.


【17:00】 Guardians of Children formed a human chain in front of Admiralty Centre in attempts to buy time for the protestors to escape.


At the same time, 2 firemen and some civilians pulled up a gate to let protestors climb through. Police then surrounded the firemen, asking them to explain their action. They responded they were trapped so had to be rescued from risks of danger.


【17:25】 On Queensway nearing the High Court, police raised the orange flag and fired tear gas subsequently.

【17:31】 Police suddenly started to push forward on Queensway, beating and subduing at least 30 people. Some were injured and required first-aid, while one lost consciousness and had to be fitted with oxygen mask.


【17:31】 Around 5 undercover officers took out their batons to beat civilians, so dozens of protestors gave chase and surrounded the impostors. One of them suddenly fired one live round. Shocked, the protestors screamed “gunshot!”, and immediately dispersed.

疑警員喬裝示威者 被揭發遭追打 灣仔修頓傳出槍聲

【疑喬裝警被揭發追打 灣仔修頓傳出槍聲】下午約 5 時半,灣仔修頓球場對出的一段莊士敦道有大批示威者聚集,期間約四、五名作示威者打扮的男子,掏出伸縮警棍追打市民,被認為是喬裝示威者的臥底警員。示威者高呼「有狗呀、走呀」並一度走避。隨後數十名示威者上前追捕及包圍該數名喬裝警,喬裝警被包圍期間突然傳出一聲疑似實彈槍響,示威者大叫「開槍呀!」並急速四散。報道:https://bit.ly/2m2jGs5不斷更新報道:https://bit.ly/2mLgUI1直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.comㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ✽ㅤ《立場新聞》Instagram:https://instagram.com/thestandnewsTelegram:https://t.me/thestandnewsTwitter:https://twitter.com/standnewshk報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料 Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport訂閱每日文章精選:https://bit.ly/2F3k6pX支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com

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【17:50】 A barricade outside of Chinese Methodist Church in Wan Chai was set on fire.


【18:07】 Water cannon truck had arrived at Queensway.


【18:30】 Undergrad, HKUSU Instant News reported that chief editor Lui Hou-Chun was arrested.


【18:40】 Things were burning in multiple locations in Causeway Bay.


【18:50】 At night, protestors had retreated to Causeway Bay and set more things on fire. Police fired water cannon in response.


【19:04】 Orange flag was seen on Morrison Hill Road, followed by many tear gas rounds.


【19:25】 Tear gas was released on Leighton Road.

【19:43】 At least two men were arrested outside of the Hong Kong Cricket Club in Wong Nai Chung. Volunteers of Guardians of Children were stopped and investigated as well.


【19:50】 Police continued to stop and search civilians under the Circular Footbridge at Yee Wo Street.


【20:05】 Black flag was seen outside on Hennessy Road, warning the use of tear gas, again.

【20:44】 Doctor Tse from Princess Margaret Hospital A&E was arrested, despite him only providing volunteer first-aid in Admiralty at around 4 PM. He was in Princess Margaret A&E when arrested.


【20:47】 Police fired tear gas near Canal Road Flyover in Causeway Bay.


Sources in Chinese:

立場新聞 – 【929 不斷更新】香港反極權遊行 警銅鑼灣、金鐘放催淚彈 至少數十人被捕

明報 – 【逃犯條例】瑪麗醫院一醫生金鐘被捕 醫管局:未掌握資料不評論 (22:06)

城市廣播 – 700 守護孩子成員及其他市民於海富中心被警方包圍,警員喝令所有人除下口罩,否則會作拘捕行動。市民被抄身分證後獲放行