2019.09.21 Liberate Tuen Mun Park and Sit-in for 2nd Monthiversay of Yuen Long Triad Terrorisation

Netizens gathered in Tuen Mun once again for the “Liberate Tuen Mun Park” march. Although there was already a letter of no objection issued, conflict still broke out between police and civilians. Protestors created road blocks and  damaged light railway station. And as riot police advanced, protestors threw bricks and petrol bombs, and lit rubbish as well as the China flag on fire. Police on the other hand fired sponge grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd, as well as arrested several including a first-aider clearly wearing a reflective first-aid vest.

At noon, MTR announced that due to public activities, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long stations were closed. Large groups of riot police were also standing by in multiple west railway stations.

Later in the afternoon after the march had started, MTR announced further service suspension of all stations in Tuen Mun and shuttle buses.

At night in Yuen Long, locals gathered for the “721 Triad Attack Second Monthiversary Silent Sit-in”. Several young people were arrested after the activity. Hunger Strike Chan, a 73 years old member of “Guardians of Children”, was pepper sprayed and suffered breathing difficulties afterwards.

Wikipedia:  Tuen Mun Park (September 2019)

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