2019.09.19 Six Brutalised by Police Stand out for Crowdfunding Scheme to Curb Violence Through Civil Procedures

10 victims of police brutality joined hands with volunteer lawyers of Civil Human Rights Front to announce the “Sue the Abuser” Crowdfunding Scheme, which aims to gather 10 million dollars to claim compensation from Hong Kong Police and apply for judicial review through civil procedures. 6 of the victims held a press conference to explain the details for the crowdfunding scheme. They asserted the core idea behind the scheme is purely for justice, in which through practical actions, other victims can realise there are actually a lot of Hongkongers supporting them. They also want to prioritise legal actions on police officers who conducted physical violence on civilians, so that they might finally fear the consequences of their actions, thus curbing the ongoing trends of authority abuse.

“Don’t even think for a second that just because you hid your number, you won’t be held accountable”, said one of the victims.


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Details of some of the victims:

Name (Unofficial spelling) 相關事件
Ng Hong Luen 06.12 Raptor Squad Gangs up and Beat Fallen Demonstrator
Ng Ying Mo 06.12 Police Drags Stage 3 Cancer Patient on the Ground 
Lo Cham ASze Assistant of Legco Council Member Eddie Chu Attacked by Advancing Riot Police on Tai Po Road
Chan Gong Shun 08.04 Passerby Struck in Head by Baton After Casual Walk in Tseung Kwan O
Lam Wai Kwan Undercover Cop Tackles Man, Breaks Left Hand and Sent to San UK Ling Untreated08.11 
Andy Chui Chi-kin East District Councillor Arrested in Chai Wan MTR Station

Mr. Ng was interviewed by Apple Daily after the conference. He revealed that on 4th August, he saw police officers chasing after civilians on Des Voeux Road West, some were even trying to strike two young people with batons. Mr. Ng immediately went up to take the blow. Struck in the head, he was fortunate to not have bled.

The officers then accused Mr. Ng of attacking them and asked if those two were his sons. “You are definitely not my son”, countered Mr. Ng. A few officers were triggered by what he said and drawn him inside a shield formation, where he was beaten and kicked, eventually dragged to the of the road and left in cold blood. He remembered that he was lucky enough to have others shouting at the police for their abuse of force and calling the ambulance. But when he got on the ambulance, police officers suddenly showed up and yelled that he would be arrested for “unlawful assembly”.

His daughter, Frances, mentioned that because of her father’s poor health, a small machine was installed inside his body to control excretion and egestion, but because he was brutally kicked in the groin, the machine broke and he now has to manually release the urine once every few hours.

Mr. Ng was arrested twice, but the police has yet to officially put down charges. When asked if he was worried that they would issue charges as a revenge for his high-profile appearance today, he said he was not afraid, “I am so old already, and my body is not doing well. I ain’t afraid, because the police are more scared about the idea of me dying. If I die, they would be in big trouble, but they do hit young people really hard indeed.” He is also suffering from stage 3 cancer and still requires treatment and observation by doctors.

Ng Hong Luen is a victim who was tackled and assaulted by raptor squad in Admiralty on 12th June. He said that after being assaulted, he felt a rubber bullet passing by the corner of his eye and was fortunate to not have sustained additional injury as a result. “I don’t understand why they always shoot our heads”, pondered Ng. He also declared that he came out because of justice, and he is not afraid of revenge or harassment by the police or Blue Ribbons.


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