2019.09.15 Over 100K Protest on Hong Kong Island in Rain

Civil Rights Human Front applied for the “International Democracy Day” Rally on 15th September was rejected twice after an appeal. Despite that, large number of citizens responded to the call of “Shopping in HK Island”, gathering near the planned starting point at Causeway Bay East Point Road from 2pm. Some flied the American Flag, some spread their palm representing 5 demands. Protesters began walking from 2:30pm at Hennessy Road, marching towards Admiralty. Numerous shopping malls along Causeway Bay began to shut down from 2pm.

【14:30】Crowd began to walk towards Wan Chai, singing “Glory to Hong Kong” along the way.


【14:51】The head of line closes in on Police Headquarter. Officers warned citizens from pedestrian bridge that they are partaking in a rally that has not been approved.

【15:40】Protesters attempted to occupy Lung Wo Road, who returned to the pathway after numerous police arrive.

【15:53】A water cannon truck is deployed from Western District.


【16:23】People were burning the Chinese flag, destroyed security cameras at MTR station exits and surrounding glass.

【16:25】Admiralty MTR Station is being vandalised. Protesters blockaded Exit D with water barriers and various objects, shattering glass walls at the exits. MTR had shut down Exit D earlier.


【16:32】A middle-aged man in a high-vis vest was accused of being a fake press member and was surrounded by a crowd. He has a permit issued from “Big Nature”, but was unable to provide company website address.

【16:48】MTR shuts down Admiralty Station, trains will no longer stop here.

【16:57】Kim Eui-sung, a Korean movie star, arrives at Admiralty and interviewed protesters. Many took pictures with him, the crowd thanked him in Korean along the way.


【17:00】Admiralty Centre MTR Exit is vandalised, glass shattered. Red paint sprayed outside of the Legislative Council Complex.


【17:05】Tear gas is deployed at Tim Mei Avenue. A water truck stands by inside Central Government Office (CGO).

【17:15】A protester is shot to the ground at Admiralty. They later hurled molotov into Central Government Offices area.


【17:32】Water cannon is deployed from the CGO, with only few press members within its range.


【17:35】Protesters hurled molotov to the water truck, igniting it. The fire is put out by automated systems within the truck.


【17:37】Blue colour dyed water pillar shot towards protesters.


【17:40】 Riot police commenced from Wan Chai, large number of protesters ran towards Causeway Bay.

【17:47】 Riot police pushed towards the CGO from Admiralty, raising the black flag. A second water truck is also deployed towards the CGO.


【17:51】Water truck firing at protesters, sending them towards Admiralty MTR station. Meanwhile, large group of riot police pushed towards Admiralty Centre.

【17:58】Water cannon hits journalists on numerous occasions.

【17:59】MTR shuts down Wan Chai Station.

【18:00】Police deploys tear gas on Johnston Road.

【18:06】Orange and Black flags are raised outside of Police Headquarter. Tear gas continues to be deployed on Queen’s Road.

【18:20】Protesters set up barricades while retreating towards Causeway Bay. When fire trucks enter the passage, the protesters remove the barricade.

【18:24】A number of fires were set throughout Wan Chai, including outside an MTR exit.


【18:38】Some protester changed their clothes and dispersed, while others seek a way out through boulevards of Wan Chai.

【19:15】Some protesters retreated to North Point. Residents from above littered random objects to the ground.

【19:33】At Causeway Bay MTR Exit E, police raised red flag behind the gates. People pointed laser pens towards officers, who later retreated.

【19:38】Riot police pushes towards North Point. A bottle of liquid is dropped from above, police aiming towards the higher level residents.


【19:46】Causeway Bay MTR E exit, tear gas deployed.

【19:49】A group of police supporters with accented Cantonese arrive at North Point giving officers directions, chanting from behind when police pushes forward.

【19:54】 Riot police rushes to pedestrian bridge, situation escalates. Some shouted “Hokkienese beating cockroaches, support the police”. Numerous middle-aged men holding fold up chairs followed the police, pushing around amidst the chaos. Citizens witnessed police releasing a suspected assaulter, while arresting a man dressed in black. People were dissatisfied, shouting “Hokkien Gang assaults”, questioning the police if they are capable of doing their jobs.


【炮台山有人手持摺櫈打鬥】有兩批市民在炮台山港鐵站外發生衝突,最少3名男子被警方帶走。在晚上近8時,有一群手持棍及摺櫈、身穿白衣的中年男子在炮台山港鐵站外,與另一群身穿黑衣的市民發生衝突。兩批人士互相拉扯,防暴警員到場分隔他們。兩批人士其後進入站內互相打鬥,有黑衣男子坐在樓梯,由救護員檢查傷勢。一名身穿灰色背心的男子被警員帶走時,另一名男子在警員面前伸手打灰色背心男子,警員將涉嫌施襲者推開,未有即場拘捕,查問多名涉嫌參與打鬥人士。#香港電台 #港台電視32 #炮台山

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【20:08】Police arrests a man who claims is a journalist working for Frontal Media.

【20:18】Suspicion of attacks carried out by pro-police supporters against press members at North Point. Journalists were dissatisfied with lack of enforcement from police, and debated with officers. Police later questioned a middle-aged man, later requesting journalists and the crowd to disperse in an announcement.

【21:11】Yellow flag raised by police at North Point Road, warning protesters are acting illegally and will face arrest. Hundreds of citizens gathered and hurled insults at the police.

【21:23】Outside of North Point McDonalds, a middle age man in blue shirt was attacked. The attackers fled the scene.

【21:37】A fight broke out on King’s Road, a man is dropped to the floor. Attacker left after surrounding crowd called for him to stop. Riot police arrives, and EMTs on the scene are treating the injured man.


【21:45】A man carrying a cleaver pouring petrol on Ming Yuen Western Street. Police arrive after receiving reports, announcing later they have arrested a man.


【22:00】Police enter the “HK First Volunteering group” office for an investigation, setting up a perimeter around the building and driving away nearby press members, yelling “No exception for journalists”.

【22:19】Outside of the volunteer centre, numerous people brought to police cars to be taken to North Point Police Station.


【22:49】Police raises black flag at King’s Road, threatening to deploy tear gas and warning the protesters to disperse.

【22:51】Police fired multiple rounds of tear gas on King’s Road with numerous taxis and vehicles still on the driving lanes. Police then swiftly advanced their defence.


【22:58】Police arrested a man in black shirt at N.S.K Centre, North Point. The man claimed he was only “out for a dessert”, questioning the reason of arrest. Member of Legislative Council Ted Hui was also present during the incident.

【22:58】A journalist from “Ruptly”, a German radio station, had a verbal clash with the riot police after being pushed by enforcements with shields.