2019.09.14 Police Supporters (Blue Ribbons) Attack Civilians in Amoy Plaza, Police Selectively Arrest Several Teenagers

【14:50】At least 200 people arrived at Amoy Plaza, some are seen waving the Chinese flag.


【14:53】Over 500 police supporters gathered in Amoy Plaza, waving the Chinese while yelling slogans in accented Cantonese like, “Damned cockroaches, take off your masks”, “Support police”.


【14:57】Plenty of civilians entered Amoy Plaza, yelling slogan, “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time”, in one of the entrance. Civilian on both sides are in a face-off.


【15:01】While a reporter was filming, a young person raised the slogan listing the 5 demands, it was snatched by a police supporter. A large number of civilians arrived at Amoy Plaza in support, someone was passing out face mask on the way.

【15:03】When the two groups were in a face-off at Amoy Garden, someone yelled not to insult the country. Then the two sides started to fight. A person was kicked and fell to the ground, the conflict between the two groups continues.

【15:07】3 police cars arrived at the scene, around 3 police officers arrived to separate the 2 groups.

【15:07】Outside of Amoy Garden, a teenager was suspected to be in conflict with a police supporter (Blue Ribbons).


【1514】After around 30 police officers arrived at Amoy Plaza, about 4 people were pulled to the side by police for investigation.


【15:26】An innocent passerby was hit, the individual was seen with blood on his face and torn clothes. A large amount of policeman suddenly rushed in the platform of Amoy Garden, suppressed a number of civilians and raised the yellow flag.


【15:32】Some civilians questioned why police officers only arrested teenagers on the platform when there are people fighting inside the mall. The police only expressed that they are processing. Some people who live in the neighborhood are upset by the police’s action, they shared that some civilians who were arrested were only a passerby who stood to the side when people were rushing by. He didn’t do anything, but the police still approached and attacked the civilian with a baton without warning.

According to information provided, the police tore off a man’s shirt during an arrest and suppressed him in the bush.


【15:34】Riot police suppressed a number of women and teenagers, civilians yelled at the police for “bullying women”, a woman was seen kneeling begging the police not to hit people.


【15:41】A few men were in a face-off with civilians near Amoy Plaza, they were shouting they will “hit civilians to death”, they left after being yelled at by surrounding crowds. When they pass by the police defense line they shouted, “support Hong Kong Police”.

【15:48】A passerby without any protective gear was pushed to the ground and threatened by pepper spray by a police officer. He was trying to confront the police afterward but failed because he was separated by other police officers.

【16:13】A teenager was arrested in the mall, onlooking civilians told him to say his name loudly. Police took the teenager away from the mall, civilians chased after and called the police “thugs”, “release the person” etc., some police officers raised their pepper spray.


【16:48】Some police officers used their pepper spray without warning, then got in the police car. They raised their pepper spray towards civilians when the police car door was still open. The police car then left.

【16:58】According to information from the scene, a woman who was waving the Chinese flag fell from the escalator and was later surrounded by civilians. An emergency medical technician treated her before she was loaded onto the ambulance. A few police officer got on the ambulance as well.


【17:20】People waving the Chinese flag suspected to be in conflict with civilians in Amoy Plaza, there were fights.


【18:15】An emergency medical responder who was pushed, Kin (pseudonym), stated, he told the police chief that he finished first-aid procedures, and the police can take the wounded away. However, his foot was stepped on by a police officer and he was pushed to the ground. He said if the police did not step on his foot, he would’ve been able to keep his balance. He continued to share that the police was accusing him of “pretending to fall” and ordered him to get up. He said, as an emergency medical technician, he careless about politics, they even treat police officers; he did not understand why police officers would use batons and pepper spray to threaten them when they are treating people.

【20:27】About 30 residents surrounded the Amoy Plaza management office, demanding the management company to explain why they did not stop the police when they entered the mall without being contacted and to share the surveillance camera footage. Both the Amoy Garden residence and Amoy Plaza were developed and managed by Hang Lung Properties.