2019.09.13 “Glory to Hong Kong” and “Five Demands” Echo in Mid-Autumn Air

Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival, the time to eat mooncakes, hold paper lanterns and enjoy the view of full moon, which represents family reunion and completeness in traditional Chinese culture. This year, the festival also became the prime time for Hongkongers to demand for true democracy. As evening came, Hongkongers climbed the famous Lion Rock and formed a glowing chain that spanned the ridges of the mountain. White lights and colourful lasers lit up the mountain as climbers shouted popular demonstration chants like “Hongkongers, fight on” to one another. Some even brought an LED board that said “FREE HK” to the mountaintop. On the other side of the Victoria Harbour, some people joined in on the “Hold Hands on the Peak” event and gathered at the Peak’s mountaintop, resonating with the glowing ridges of Lion Rock.

Large crowds of citizens climbed the Lion Rock and conducted their own versions of “A Symphony of Lights” (幻彩詠香江 http://www.discoverhongkong.com/tc/see-do/highlight-attractions/harbour-view/a-symphony-of-lights.jsp)


On a sadder note, some went to Admiralty to mourn the loss of Hongkongers who committed suicide during the past 3 months.


Over in Victoria Park, citizens distributed hundreds of yellow paper lanterns. Many wrote on the lanterns chants like “Five demands, not one less”, “Hongkongers, fight on” and “Stay determined and victory will be ours”.


There was also orchestral performance of “Glory to Hong Kong” in Time Square, Causeway Bay:



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Celebration was also held at the Hundred-Steps Staircase near Sha Tin Town Hall:


In Kwun Tong Harbourfront, citizens celebrated Mid-Autumn festival by gathering large piles of paper lanterns for good luck and best wishes:


Many sang in chorus “Glory to Hong Kong” in Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui:


Festive gathering in Wong Tai Sin:

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In Chai Wan Park, many citizens sat on the floor and chanted “There’re no rioters, there’s only tyranny “, “Hong Kong Police, murders they seek”, as well as lyrics from a meme song based on Chandelier by Sia that loosely translates to “Ah! Bloody cops! Do your f*king job! Schools they drop out of!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHzXk5bPmrQ) They also raised their open hands to represent the Five Demands.

Some used their laser pens on a police dormitory nearby. At around 11 PM, more than 50 overreacting riot police patrolled near the dormitories.