2019.09.13 Five Arrested at “Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration” Event in Hong Hom

In various communities across Hong Kong, many civilian participated in “Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration” events to promote the 5 demands on Mid-Autumn Festival night. A police officer was having his wedding in Hong Hom, resulting in over 100 civilian arriving at the wedding to “congratulate” the couple in a sarcastic fashion. During the confrontation, riot police raised the blue flag to disperse the group, followed by checking vehicles at traffic stops. According to sources at the scene, 5 civilians were arrested by police.

Information on the internet indicated that a police officer was having his wedding in Hong Hom, resulting in over 100 civilian arriving at the wedding to “congratulate” the couple sarcastically. At around 10:00pm last night, over 100 civilians were gathering near Harbourview Horizon residence. They sang Glory to Hong Kong, and yelled slogans like “Hong Konger add oil”, the crowd’s emotions were surging. Riot police built their defense line, raised the blue flag to indicate that it is illegal to participate in illegal assembly, and used a speaker to order the crowd to leave.

Some civilians who were gathering explained to the police that they live there and they were there to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and eating mooncake. They are not participating in an illegal assembly, so the police should retreat. The police then acted and arrested 2 men.

Until 11:00 pm, the crowd moved to Hong Hom pier to look at the moon. Riot police stopped a motorcycle on Hung Lok Road and took out all the motorcyclists belongings on the floor to search. The police proceed to stop and search 2 men and arrested them. Other than that, a woman who was holding glow sticks and lantern to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival was stopped by riot police, she expressed that she was just passing by, police then accused her of participating in illegal assembly and arrested her.