2019.09.10 MTR Releases CCTV Screenshots From 31/8 Prince Edward

On 31st August, Hong Kong was in a state of shock after police officers stormed in to Prince Edward station, arrested and brought bloody violence to innocent people commuting by trains. Not only were citizens outraged by what seemingly could not have ever happened to the once peaceful Hong Kong that was rid of police violence, the actual number of people brutalised by police was also under great controversy due to reporters being forced out of the station after the assault. Today, MTR published a report of what happened on 31/8. MTR stated that on that night, staffs at the Prince Edward station were notified of some conflicts between passengers on a train at the 3rd platform, which normally takes passengers from Kwun Tong to Tiu Keng Leng (the green line). The train could not leave the station as a result of the conflict, so MTR summoned the police. Because of the chaotic situation at the time along with smoke coming out of the train, combined with the fact that multiple emergency switches in train compartments were turned on, MTR decided to activate the evacuation protocol at 10:53 PM for safety and to allow police to enter the station.

MTR said that because of the huge public concerns over the violent situation at Prince Edward station, they released time-annotated screenshots taken from CCTV footage for reference. However, they claimed that because 3 CCTVs were damaged or covered in paint, including 2 damaged cameras at the 4th platform (Tsuen Wan line towards Central), the recording stopped at 10:52 and 10:53 PM respectively. Therefore, the collection of footage was incomplete.

【22:42】Prince Edward station. The train on Kwun Tong line towards Tiu Keng Leng (T07) was at the 3rd platform. Some passengers were able to get off, but the train doors could not close afterwards.


【22:50】Prince Edward station. Control centre instructed the driver aboard the train at 3rd platform to clear the train. Passengers were forced to leave as a result.  Smoke was coming out of this train as well (timeline 2). A train on Tsuen Wan line towards Central (T28) arrived at the 4th platform, after which multiple emergency switches were turned on.


【22:53】Prince Edward station. Evacuation protocol was activated. Riot police entered through C2 exit of the station.


【22:56】Prince Edward station. Riot police arrived at the 3rd and 4th platform, got aboard the trains and began to wreak havoc.


【23:04】Prince Edward station. Train at the 4th platform began to leave Prince Edward and move towards the next station which is Yau Ma Tei.


【23:06】Prince Edward station. The first firefighter team entered the station through exit B1.


【23:07】Prince Edward station. The train at the 3rd platform started to move towards Shek Kip Mei.


【23:07】Prince Edward station. At 11:20 PM, an ambulance team entered through exit E.


【23:19】Yau Ma Tei station. Another Ambulance team arrived on the platform.


【23:31】Prince Edward station. Ambulance team brought a frightened passenger out through exit E.


【23:31】Yau Ma Tei station. Ambulance team brought 3 wounded out of the station.


【23:34】Prince Edward station. Another firefighter team arrived at exit E and entered the station.


【23:49】Yau Ma Tei station. Another passenger was escorted out.


【00:23】Prince Edward station. Ambulancemen slowly entered through exit E with assistance from train staff and firefighters.


【00:54】Prince Edward station. An empty train moving from Prince Edward to Lai Chi Kok station was requested by the police.


【01:23】Prince Edward station. The train left the station.


【01:39】Lai Chi Kok station. Police officers and ambulance team took the escalator to escort out the second and third wounded.


【01:45 – 01:46】The fourth and fifth wounded were escorted by escalator as well.


【01:48】Lai Chi Kok station. The sixth wounded was escorted by escalator.


【01:49】Lai Chi Kok station. The seventh wounded was escorted out.