2019.09.08 Opposing Subway Company by Windowshopping

HK Subway company (MTR) continues to work with HK Police for political reasons by shutting down stations and halting train services so to control the flow of regular HK citizens creating inconvenience. This arouses discontentment from the public. Netizens proposed an activity of windowshopping at MTR-owned malls to protest against MTR standing at the side of tyranny. Hundreds of people wandered and yelled slogans in Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay in yesterday’s afternoon. They criticize that as a mass transport company, MTR fawns the official media People and the police force by sacrificing passengers’ safety.

A number of people participated the action of windowshopping to wander and yell slogans at Telford Plaza in Kowloong.

Approximately 20 policemen in gear together with police dog took precautions at the exits of Kowloon Bay MTR stations without stepping into the mall. They stopped and searched the passerby. A passerby complained that he was impolitely treated: some policeman held a baton during searching and he felt threatened. He is dissatisfied with being investigated just because of wearing black cloth and believes that “freedom of clothing” has lost. Our reporters shot that policemen were scolded by a passerby being stopped and searched. A policeman also blocked our camera with his body. Reporter questioned the policeman who later shouted, “Stand on a chair if you are not tall enough!”

A woman blamed on the sit-down demonstrator then she was pulled away by her friend.

A sit-down demonstrator held a cartoon of 8.31 train attack by police.

Mr Lam, an elderly aged above 70, hanged around his neck with a board written in “if today’s youth cannot solve the problem, your next generation still have to fight for Hong Kong”. He would like to remind the parents against protests that suppression is just delaying the appearance of protest and will impact the future of their kids. He criticizes that it is irresponsible for MTR, a mass transport company, to fawn the official media People by sacrificing public interets.

A kid raised up a drawing to motivate Hong Kongers

A girl uncontrollably cried when she was sitting down.

A person left a sentense of “call to account for 8.31” on the window of a shop.