2019.09.08 Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Legislation Rally

Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s proposal of “4 Actions” fail to resolve the public anger from Anti Extradition, the people of Hong Kong continue to demonstrate their will: 5 Demands, Not 1 Less. Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) called for another rally today, a prayer meeting originally planned to start at 13:30 from Central Chater Garden, and begin to collect signatures for The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Declaration. They would march down through Garden Road to Upper Albert Road bus stop public playground, submit the crowd signed letter to the American Embassy stating “Save Hong Kong, Pass The Law.” Organisers estimated 5000 participants when applying for a Letter of No Objection from police, when they had successfully obtained.

【13:07】Crowd suddenly began to set off towards The American Embassy.

【13:20】Chater Garden has gathered up to 1000 people, some collecting signatures from the crowd.

【13:50】Due to volume of people, CHRF rescheduled their march towards The American Embassy half an hour early, from 14:30 to 14:00.


【14:11】Numerous American flags were waved, along with The Star-Spangled Banner on speakers.


【14:18】Two women clashed with the police are taken away.


【14:30】Citizens sat on a nearby bridge outside CK Assets Centre showing a ‘Chinazi’ flag.


【14:57】Crowds are setting off from Chater Garden, holding 5 fingers up in the air representing “5 Demands, Not 1 Less.”


【15:51】The Host of Chater Garden Prayer Meeting announced the police demanded the rally to finish within 30-45 minutes. The Prévôt said, due to safety reason, police notify organisers at 16:00 that they have been “Given 45 Minutes (to clear the crowd)”, rally is forced to finish at 16:45.

【16:03】Riot Police subdued 3 citizens in Central MTR Station after being provoked with laser pen. MTR then shut down Central station, stating due to emergency situation, to ensure passenger, staff and infrastructure safety, Tsuen Wan line and Island line no longer stop at Central station.


【16:23】Riot Police raises yellow flag in Central station, blocking press from entering.


【16:26】A large crowd attempted to enter the Central station, confronted with riot police’s defence. They twice raised the yellow flag. Some citizens began to move rubbish bins and traffic cones alike to blockade the J exit of Central station.


【16:36】Another round of emergency alarms were played in the station, stating there has been a “severe incident”. Police in the station are equipped with long guns.

【16:55】Central Station K exit, riot police pointed at citizens stood outside of the station. At the D1 exit, police were met with blockades when leaving the station, threatened the crowd with orange long guns. Police later retreat inside and shuts the gate. Meanwhile, junction between Mid Connaught Road and Club Street were blockaded, only 1 lane left open towards Central.


【16:59】Approximately 100 citizens confronted the riot police outside of the station exit.

【17:05】Connaught Road Central all lanes had been shut down. Citizens moved metal barriers and more to blockade Central MTR D1 Exit. Hong Kong MTR Station has gathered a group of riot police.


【17:09】Protesters at Central J3 Exit shooting water towards the station. Underneath the exit is a row of riot police on guard.

【17:14】Riot police begin to rapidly push in, entering the controlled area dispersing crowds using batons, at least 1 man was subdued with his hands tied up, chaos ensued.

【17:17】Riot police arrest a man near station control office at Admiralty MTR Station.

【17:21】Man arrested at Admiralty station was brought towards the camera, allowing his injuries to be filmed. Numerous citizens shouted for him to provide his name and ID details.

【17:26】Hong Kong MTR Station C Exit has been shut down.

【17:29】In Admiralty station, the subdued man was brought to the police car, press and citizens who tried to get a closed in were threatened with pepper spray by a riot police.

【18:44】Central Pedder Street set ablaze with waste papers.


【18:00】Police set up defence at Garden Road, announcing that they will begin the arrest operation soon, any “irrelevant” citizens should leave. Large crowds of citizens ran from Bank Street to Mid Connaught Road.

【18:15】At Central Ice House Street, police demanded all press and social workers to display government permits, and pushed a foreign journalist to aside for questioning.

【18:15】Police warned protesters to stop all illegal activities multiple times with no avail, state that it is using appropriate force to disperse the crowd, asking people to leave and avoid going to the area.

【18:23】Defence at Ice House Street is pushed towards the junction, blocking journalists from filming, taunting a press member “Your camera lid is covered, you are obviously fake press.”

【18:39】Dozens of black shirted citizens subdued by police, hands over their head, brought towards the pedestrian walk on the other side for a group search. Social workers shouted “Anyone aged under 16 can be accompanied by social workers onto police vehicles”. Police retaliated “Who says so? Do you know the law? You should shut up if you don’t know the law.”

【19:00】Police opened fire outside of Causeway Bay station, including multiple rounds of tear gas canisters, in the presence of local citizens on the opposite side.


【19:45】Police suddenly began to arrest citizens while blocking the press from entering at the street junction, demanding them to walk the other way. Meanwhile from the other defence line press were also blocked from entering. Both lines of defence raises Blue and Yellow Flags separately.


【20:14】Police twice raises black flag at Jardine’s Crescent, warning tear gas will be deployed again, and began putting on masks. There were no attempts made to confront the police defence, most citizens were passing by and without gear.


【20:30】Causeway Bay locals at Yee Wo Street asks the police “Where are your morals?” and were retaliated with 3 tear gas canisters. An elderly woman happened to exit the MTR Station, who is unwell from the tear gas.

【20:45】Another 3 rounds of tear gas fired at Hennessy Road, all landed near the press and EMTs. Police proceed to push in, protesters retreats while police fired an additional 3 rounds of tear gas, landing near press and EMTs once again.

【20:50】A man is unwell and fell on the floor after affected by tear gas at Russell Street and is being treated by nearby EMTs.


【21:00】Rumours from Mong Kok Police Station outside Prince Edward Station says police had fired 2 shots without warning, only raising the orange flag afterwards.

【21:04】Riot police arrest 1 man at Whampoa Gardens after a routine check. A woman was questioning the reason behind the arrest with no response from police.


【21:36】Riot police rushed out from Mong Kok Police station, dispersing people nearby.


【22:00】MTR announced Mong Kok Station is now shut.

【22:05】Riot police at Mong Kok Sai Yeung Choi Street South raises red flag, a man at Argyle Street was pushed to the ground and subdued. Police then clashed with the filming press.


【22:35】Riot police enter the station control room of Whampoa MTR Station.

【23:15】Police raises the orange flag again outside Mong Kok police station, warning shots will be fired, followed by multiple shots towards Prince Edward Road West.


【23:17】Numerous gun-wielding policemen exit from Mong Kok Police Station, pointing towards the crowd at Prince Edward Road West. At least 6 shots are fired, and they stated “Press! Bullets have no eye, it will hit you by accident!”


【23:20】A woman with high-vis jacket was hit with bean bag round, carried away by EMTs nearby.