2019.09.06 Prince Edward Station Incident

Following the indiscriminate attacks at Prince Edward Station committed by the police on 31/08/2019, MTR is accused of shutting down stations in aid of police strategies and arrests, refused to make any relevant security footage public. A young woman began to kneel down outside of station regulator office, demanding for the security tapes to be made public.


【10:50】Another young woman joins and kneel, having rushed to the station for support after learning from the news.


【11:10】A further addition of kneeling teenager, now 3 people are kneeling outside of station regulator office.


【11:45】Fernando Cheung, a member of Hong Kong Legislative Council, arrives. MTR responded to his questioning regarding the CCTV footage from 831, stating that it will not be deleted.


【12:00】Secondary School Pupils on their lunch break arrive the station to voice their support for kneeling citizens.


【12:10】An elderly woman is inspired joined in the kneeling queue. With tears she chanted “No Violent Rioters”, with the crowd responding “Only Violent Regime”.


【12:20】Elder woman departs, followed by another young woman kneeling down with a banner stating “Hong Kong Citizens need to see CCTV footage at Prince Edward station from 31/08”; 4 citizens are kneeling outside of station regulator office.

【12:35】Following nearby citizen’s persuasion, the young protestors (3F, 1M) have stood back up and departed. The elderly citizens around said someone might have called for police, and were persuading other young people to leave the station.

【12:40】Shortly after their departure, a local woman took over the place of the kneeling youngsters and began kneeling. No signs of police force yet.

【12:55】9 further addition of middle age men and young people to the local-looking kneeling woman.


【13:05】A man expressed his disagreement in kneeling, stating they had done nothing wrong, therefore should be sat down instead. He pointed out that such behaviours are feudalistic, which convinced the protestors to sit down instead.

【13:20】Nearly 50 surrounding citizens sat down and voiced their support, many of which are middle-aged, holding banners and chanting. Many more stood around and watched.


【13:50】MTR spokesperson said relevant CCTV footage will be kept for 3 years in their response to Apple Daily News.

【14:25】Around 100 citizens are still chanting and sitting inside the station. Nearby stores in the station continued their businesses as usual.

【15:00】Claudia Mo, a member of Hong Kong Legislative Council, stated on Facebook “After further questioning, MTR clarified if relevant investigation takes more than 3 years, CCTV records will still be kept.”


【15:15】Gates were shut at the 7-11 near the sitting spot of citizens.


【15:20】An announcement is made inside the station, asking for citizens to leave.

【16:00】Over 100 citizens are still inside the station chanting and sitting, with more stores in the station shutting their gates one by one.


【16:42】A citizen began to feel unwell, and was sent to hospital under care of EMTs.


【17:11】MTR announced police is called, requesting all protesting citizens to leave the station with police at a short ETA.

【17:18】MTR shuts down Prince Edward station due to crowds gathering inside the station, Tsuen Wan line and Kwun Tong line trains will no longer stop at Prince Edward Station, passengers are to change at Mong Kok or Yau Ma Tei station instead.

【17:52】Approximately 200 citizens gathered outside B1 exit chanting slogans.

【18:02】The crowd is growing outside Prince Edward station. Someone brought fresh flowers, others began folding origami using ‘hell money’.


【18:11】A white shirted man was said to be spotted outside Mong Kok Police station with a cleaver, who is then attacked causing bleeding at the back of his head. Said white shirted man claims he had lost his wallet and wasn’t holding a cleaver, whilst provoking nearby citizens with vulgarity. Around 20 riot police arrived and brought away the white shirted man into police station.


【18:16】Riot police raises a blue flag inside police station, guarding the building with Remington guns.


【19:06】With the expanding number of protesting citizens, many of which are pushed out onto the road, causing a traffic congestion, vehicles can only turn left along Prince Edward Road West into Nathan Road.

【19:29】Riot police raises orange flag warning, some began aiming their Remingtons towards the crowd. Citizens began preparing for shields and umbrella fort as a reaction.


【19:42】Police raises Black flag, citizens pointed their laser pointers at the police station.

【19:46】Police once again raises the orange flag outside of their report room, all 3 lanes at Prince Edward Road West are severely congested.

【19:58】Crowd begins to retreat, both sides of Nathan Road are now congested, citizens began using random objects to construct a defence line outside of the police station at Sai Yeung Choi Street South.

【20:14】A cardboard is placed in the left back wheel of a bus, causing it to stop at the junction between Prince Edward Road West and Sai Yeung Choi Street South.


【20:25】Citizens opened the gates at the MTR exits and entered the shut down station, leaving after 5 minutes.

【20:47】Riot police began shooting bean bag rounds, hitting the bus roadblock at the junction, no injuries were recorded.


【21:03】Riot polices situated at police station balcony shot numerous rounds of bean bag rounds towards the crowd, with over 10 shots heard at the scene.


【21:13】Black flag is once again raised, warning is announced that tear gas will be deployed soon.


【21:17】Large number of riot police with long shields began to get into position and set up defence at Boundary Street and Tung Choi Street junction.

【21:21】Numerous riot policemen exited the water barriers into Prince Edward Road West, began shooting bean bag rounds at the crowd and press, followed up by tear gas canisters.


【21:25】Approximately 50 riot police with long guns and shields begin to push through Nathan Road towards Mong Kok to clear the crowd.

【21:32】30+ raptor units and a large group of riot police began clearing Tung Choi Street, numerous stores closed their gates in response. Riot police then advanced onto the Mong Kok Road pedestrian bridge.

【21:48】A rubbish bin was set ablaze along with few other objects outside of New Town Mall. Riot police attempted to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher but to no avail after 5 minutes.


【22:05】A blockade is set up then ignited at the junction between Shantung Street and Nathan Road, fire fighters arrive and began to put out the fire.


【22:10】10+ people rushed into Mong Kok station, using the fire hose spraying water at station turnstiles.


【22:28】Another blockade is constructed and ignited at the Dundas Street and Nathan Road junction, quickly responded by the fire department.

【22:56】Blockade at Dundas Street and Nathan Road junction is reconstructed, stopping arrival cars from u-turning.

【23:00】Citizens are wounded by cleaver at Mong Kok Nelson Street with at least 4 injuries. A middle aged man is injured in his right wrist and fingers. Victims told Apple Daily News, attacker is a middle aged male (approx. 50) with a red top who was passing by the Mong Kok market with his wife when he suddenly began waving a cleaver towards nearby citizens. As crowds disperse and his wife attempts to calm and restraint him, he struggles and swung towards his wife’s abdomen. The two took off into an old building at Canton Road, nearby citizens began to search through nearby buildings to locate the couple.


【23:14】Approximate of 100 citizens walked to Yau Ma Tei. A large number of people now gathered at Waterloo Road / Nathan Road junction, constructing barricades on Waterloo Road and Yau Ma Tei Station Exit B.

【23:56】Having injuring a number of citizens, the red shirted man and his wife escaped to a unit inside 1033 Canton Road. Not happy with his behaviour, citizens followed the trail of blood and located the couple’s residence. As seen at the scene, the wooden door of the unit is vandalised, numerous blood stained papers on the table, 2 EMTs arrive and provided treatment for the injured wife.

【00:05】A large group of riot police began preparing for defence outside of Argyle Centre at Nathan Road, while raising the blue flag and pushing towards Yau Ma Tei.

【00:16】Around 7 riot police arrive at the residence of red shirted man for an investigation.

【00:19】A fire is set off at Nathan Road / Waterloo Road junction, riot police attempts to fight the fire with a fire extinguisher.


【00:34】The man is brought away under suspicion of causing bodily harm with his right hand injured and wrapped. When asked for his intention of his attacks, he claims he was attacked first. His wife and son accompanied him to the hospital.

【00:38】Raptor team arrested a number of people near Yung Shue Tau Park at Yau Ma Tei.

【00:50】Stand News Reporter attacked near the Wholesale Fruit Market at Waterloo Street. Stand News stated on their website a press member was punched in the face with injuries around his mouth bleeding from the corner. With over 20 riot police nearby, not one intervened.


【01:00】Nathan Road protestors were cleared out, riot police retreats.