2019.09.05 Tuen Mun Students Formed Human Chain to Support Arrested Classmate and Protest Against Police Abuse of Authority

The Student Chain Demonstration spread in Hong Kong. Today, 4 secondary schools in Tuen Mun joined hands to support a student who was previously arrested on a bus in Kowloon Bay and to urge the government to conduct full investigation on the abuse of authority by the police force. Around 500 took part in the peaceful demonstration, forming a 1 km chain that surrounded Shek Pai Stop.

Students and alumni from P.L.K. Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College, Christian Alliance College, Tsung Tsin College, Y.O.T. Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School gathered at 7:30 AM at Shek Pai Stop to form the Student Chain. Most students wore face masks and held hands, and some even wore helmets. Written slogans like “Five Demands, Not One Less” bloomed along the chain, as participants chanted in unison “Liberate Hong Kong; Revolution of Our Time”. Nearly 500 students and alumni linked up across the bridge of Shek Pai Stop which spanned 1 km. Some sprayed slogans like “Keep It Up, Students”, “Lawless Government” on the bridge.

A students’ representative stated that even though Carrie Lam had announced withdrawal of the extradition bill, the government has yet to answer to the 4 remaining demands. The purpose of the Student Chain Demonstration today was to raise awareness amongst citizens and other students on current affairs, and to demand independent investigation on the abuse of authority by police. Besides, two days prior to today’s demonstration, a 4th form student from P.L.K. Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College was arrested on a bus in Kowloon Bay, but the school has not responded officially. Students from the school are in full support of the Student Chain and their arrested classmate.

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Posted by See生活 on Wednesday, 4 September 2019

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