2019.09.04 Walk-Out at The Chinese Foundation Secondary School Canceled, School Administration: Walk-Out Would Require Permission Letter From Parents, Students who Violates Rule Will be Expelled

As the anti-extradition law movement continues, students from The Chinese Foundation Secondary School in Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong planned a walk-out today (the 4th). However, the walk-out was canceled under the pressure of group affiliated with the school.

The organizer of the walk-out posted yesterday (the 3rd) expressing that they received permission to meet with the school administration to discuss the plan for the walk-out. However, the person responsible for the school’s governing board, Ng Suk-Ching, an ex-chancellor of the school, suddenly met with the student organizers. Ng expressed that the school’s governing board has the sole purpose to nurture next generation of talents and does not have any political and religious affiliation. Therefore, the school does not allow teachers and staff to go on strike or students to walk-out. Ng stated clearly that if students participate or organize walk-outs, they will be expelled; and teachers or staff who go on strike would be terminated.

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School’s acting principle, Ho Dick-Shen, responded that students will be permitted to walk-out without consequences if they got permission from their guardians.