2019.09.04 PLKC Ho Yam tong College Semester Opening Ceremony, students sing, ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’

In the semester opening ceremony at Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College today, during the course of the Chinese national anthem, students sung over the anthem with ‘Do You Hear the People Sing – Les Miserables’ followed by hollering, ‘Liberate Hong Kong; Revolution of Our Times’, slogan used in the latest Hong Kong movement.

The opening of the ceremony started as scheduled, until the playing of Chinese national anthem, students of Ho Yam Tong College started singing ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ (2:15), a theme song from Les Miserables. The student sung over the national anthem, staff members did not intervene student’s singing. The students kept silence for the College’s school song (3:11) and at the end of the songs, students hollered, ‘Liberate Hong Kong; Revolution of Our Times’ (4:15) – slogan used in the latest Hong Kong movement.

The ceremony continued with a speech from the college’s headmaster, at the end of his speech, he said that he wishes all students to, ‘Seek the likes, understand differences, and embrace diversity’, so for everyone to meet in peace. Students applauded. Upon ceremony closing, the Host concluded with a short speech, “At closing, speaking from my personal standpoint, I would like to say, ‘we fight on, each in our own ways’; different positions comes with different responsibilities so try your best; whatever comes, fight it strong and be brave; remember to look back to your friends and memories; remember, no snitching, no dissociating, no differentiating, no finger-pointing. With congratulations, I wish everybody the best at school and life.”


請各位一定一定一定要看,保良局何蔭棠中學2019至2020年度開學禮。學生的勇氣和良知盡現,大人噤聲。2:15 – 4:20- 奏國歌時,學生唱Do You Hear the People Sing – 奏完校歌後,學生呼喊「光復香港,時代革命」10:08 – 10:58- 學生MC說:「開學禮已完滿結束,最後我想就個人立場跟大家說,希望大家謹記,兄弟爬山,各自努力,大家有不同的崗位,都要謹守自己的崗位,不論遇到任何困難,都要勇敢面對,看一下身邊的同學,回望我們一起走過的路,秉承著不篤灰、不割席、不分化、不指責…恭祝各位同學,在新學年學業進步、心想事成。禮成」11:10 – – 學生再在音樂聲中唱Do You Hear the People Sing ,並喊「光復香港,時代革命」、「五大訴求,缺一不可」

Posted by Sampson Wong on Tuesday, 3 September 2019