2019.09.04 Citizens Demanding for Explanation Over Service Controversy in Stand-Off Against Riot Police

Yesterday night, a large crowd of citizens gathered inside of Po Lam station in order to demand for a proper explanation for the train service suspension on 31st August after the “Prayers for HK Sinners” rally. Police later entered the station and for whatever reason started to capture the citizens. During the chaos, one was harmed because the person was allegedly taking photos of the crowd despite it being well known that photo taking, especially portraits, is heavily frowned upon by protestors, rally-goers or just locals gathering  around because of incidents in their neighbourhood. Besides, an off-duty station manager who called the police on the locals of Tiu Keng Leng on 31st August after closure of station was surrounded by angry locals tonight who demanded explanation for police summoning on 831. He was sent to the hospital because of self proclaimed “hand and neck injury”, and MTR once again summoned the police in response.

At midnight, riot police arrived to clear the station. Some exits were closed, and trains were ordered to not go to Po Lam. During the clearing, 2 men in black T-shirt were unreasonably arrested which aggravated the locals, causing them to stay outside of the station despite police clearing.

MTR later stated that an off-duty staff was attacked in Po Lam and condemned such action. Facilities inside Po Lam were also damaged, so they called 999 and closed the station after 12 o’clock. Trains rerouted to only stop at either Hang Hau or Lohas Park.