2019.09.03 “Strike Without Stopping Medical Services”, Kwoloon Hospital Medical Personel March, Requesting HK Government to Respond to the 5 Demands

Around 50 medical personel and administrators from Kowloon Hospital marched within the hospital. Medical personel participating in the march expressed that they are marching within the hospital instead since they are going on strike without stopping medical services.

Medical personel participating in the march included doctors, nurses, and administrative support staff. They started the march from the west wing of the Kowloon hospital, passing the main building, rehabilitation building and arriving at the Hospital Authority building.

One of the participant of the march, Xie, a senior nurse, expressed that she mainly participated in assemblies organized by medical personel and Christian organizations in the past 2 months of the movement. She believes that if the government really wants to stop chaos and violence, the government should respond to the 5 demands. “[The government] doesn’t have to beat around the bush, I don’t see that they are responding to the 5 demands, and this movement will not end anytime soon.”

In regards to retaliation, Xie said she cannot consider that too much with her 30 plus years as a nurse. “With so many secondary school students sacrificing their future, I cannot only think of my own consequences.”

Another younger nurse, Xie, shared that she is not worried about retaliation, but there were colleagues who were worried about that and did not attend any anti-extradition bill assembly. In terms of the administration retaliates against colleagues who express their thoughts, she said, “If they terminates all of these colleagues, there will be another problem, they wouldn’t be able to run half of a hospital.” Therefore, she is not worried.

Source: 立場新聞