2019.09.02 Over 200 Secondary School responded to strike Reported Confiscation of demonstration props School prohibited chanting slogan in uniform

HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School prohibited students to chant Pro-democratic slogans nor address individuals’ political statement in their school uniform. Some students persisted demonstrating after removing their school uniform.
Riot Police rushed to LaSalle College performing stop and search to the Old-Boys voicing out for the student demonstrators.
Roughly 4,000 students then partake rally at Edinburgh Place, Central in a downpour the same afternoon.
At St. Mary’s Canossian College, the alma mater of the Secretary for Justice, Ms. Teresa Cheng – student group was responding to strike from handing out symbolic black facemasks and red-pigmented tissue paper at the entrance of the school. However, students later inform HK01 that some materials were confiscated and the school had prohibited their operation.
Issac Cheng – Vice Chair Person of Demosistō, states over 9,000 students participated student’s strike which reinforces his confidence that more students will join the rally in the afternoon.
Around noon, the rally began under a downpour. Demonstrators and students settled under umbrellas and padded plastic bags over the soaked ground.
The rally commenced with a declaration, point out the brutal suppression from the government is alienating our norm, Hong Kongers are forcibly adapted to routinely firing bullets as a suppressor. Local communities conflicts often elevated to combat, even schools are challenged to remain safe. Although the government believes that the demonstration will stop after the start of the school, the declaration stressed Hong Kongers will remain resilient against the drag-on tactics played by the government. The declaration states student’s strike does not imply giving up learning. Students will continue learning via civic lectures and calling for the public and the teaching community to support and understand the strike.