2019.09.02 Assembly for Strike, School Walk-Outs, Boycotts, Tens of Thousands of Civilians Attend, Police Use Pepper Spray

The anti-extradition bill have be on-going for two months, there is no sign of de-escalation so far. The Hong Kong government has not responded to the 5 demands made by demonstrators. Ever since the “3 Strikes” (work strike, school walk-out, and boycott) on August 5th, anti-extradition bill supporters from different functional areas hosted a joint press conference today, reading a joint declaration signed by workers from at least 21 different areas in Hong Kong.

Two district assemblies were held at Salisbury Garden and Tamar Park at 1:30PM on September 2nd; September 3rd’s assembly was held at Chater Garden at 1:30PM, Letter of No Objection was requested by Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions.

Source (Chinese): 【逃犯條例】全港21界別聯署 擬發起9月2、3日罷工行動

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