2019.09.01 “Fly to Freedom” 2.0

While clashes broke out between protestors and the police on the 31st August, the internet has called together another “Fly to Freedom” rally at the Hong Kong International Airport today (1st September), restating the Five Demands and protest against police brutality.  For that, the Airport Authority Hong Kong has carried out relative measures. Large iron fences were set up at entrances and exits at Departure Halls; people who enter the airport were requested to present travel documents and boarding passes.  The airport has also increased the number of police within the perimeter for extra security.

【12:30】People started to gather around the bus terminal. Some of them were wearing face masks. Water barriers and barbed wire fences were set at the Airport to Cheong Tat Road Bus Terminal. The bus terminal will be closed when necessary, stated the onsite staff.


【12:35】Outside the Airport building, citizens played footages of the clash at Prince Edward station with laptops.


【13:00】Citizens shouted  “Liberate Hong Kong, the Revolution of Our Times”, “Five demands, No one less”. Passerby were yelling at demonstrators, slowly after that, demonstrators walked up to Terminal One attempted to confront the inciter but was dissuaded by security guards, no further actions were taken.


【13:09】Lantau Link Viewing Platform, ten and more vehicles were stopped by traffic police, searches of the vehicle and drivers were conducted. A small number of face masks were found during the search.

【13:15】More than 200 people has gathered at the Airport bus terminal, most people were dressed casual, some people were dressed in black and had their masks on.

【13:20】More than 10 people in black gushed out from different directions into the Arrival Hall, airport security started chasing after them, these men in black then ran out of the airport building.

【13:30】The number of people gathered at the scene increased, demonstrators filled up both sides of the road, the room was left in the middle for the arrival of travelers to the bus station.

【13:31】As seen from the live footage of RTHK, the gate and octopus card reader of Tsing Yi Airport Express Station was damaged with hammers by people dressed in black.

【13:35】Commuters expressed their dissatisfaction at the customer service center, not happy about the sudden suspension of the Airport Express service.


【13:35】More than 10 police officers with protective helmets were standing by at the airport, station at around 200 meters from the demonstrators outside the airport building.

【13:40】Protestors in black spray painted the CCTV, airport express staff informed the police. Protestors then went on to the platform and wait for the train to Tung Chung.

【13:48】 According to the news on site, several citizens entered the Airport Departure Hall and rushed into the toilet. They were being chased down immediately, they were released after questioning.

【13:51】Airport Passenger Terminal Building,Police blocked one of the toilets for unknown reasons. Airport special police were at the door stopping others from entering ad request reporters to “Please listen to us!  Reporters please corporate!”.


【13:55】Around 30 military uniform police with riot helmets and shields guarded the blocked toilet, citizens scolded at the police. After a few minutes, the police ran towards the direction of the bus terminal.


【14:00】Riot police took the chance to rushed reporters out of the Terminal One building and formed a line between the Passenger Terminal Building and the bus terminal,refusing to let reporters back into the building to conduct reporting activities.

【14:02】Police set up crowd control barriers, the scene was bustling with protestors and citizens shouting out “Black Cops, an eye for an eye” around 200 meters away from the barriers. Security guards formed a human chain inside the barrier. More than 10 riot police were standing by at the airport area.

【14:05】Staff from the Airport Authority held and read out the court injunction, stating that people at the scene are participating in an unauthorized demonstration, asking them to leave.

【14:13】Protestors set up defence with luggage carts.


【14:16】Travellers and crew members who wanted to get to the bus station towards the city was blocked, leading them stuck inside the airport building. A notice of “This Door is Closed” was put up at the Airport Express Station in, both entrance and exits are blocked.

【14:20】Card readers and gates at Tsing Yi Station were destroyed, travelers can go in and out for free, no staff was seen onsite at the moment.


【14:25】Large number of protestors walked to the airport from Tung Chung.


【14:26】Card reader and gate at Tsing Yi Station was destroyed,


【14:42】At Tsing Yi Station, staff from MTR informed citizens who were waiting for free taxi rides, that most taxis were not willing to travel into the airport, calling them to travel towards Tung Chung and head to their destinations by bus, leading to unease in the crowd. A traveler who speaks Mandarin only found out the express was suspended after arrival, citizens took the initiative to give him their spot of a taxi ride.


【14:40】Beyond the barbed wire fence, airport security guards have now taken over from the riot police, forming a line of defense. Helmets were given out to them as protection. Riot police then went inside the airport as a backup, whilst extra 10 and more riot police guarding the entrance of the airport to the bus stop as standby.

【14:45】From MTR, considering the situation at the station, the Airport Express Expo Hall was closed for safety reasons.

【15:24】10 police wearing the uniforms of the Special Tactical Contingent and protective helmets were guarding the entrance of the Airport special passage. Whilst backing off, protestors reformed their defense using luggage carts and trash carts.


【15:40】Protestors  crushed and smashed a piece of glass with a hard object. Fire Sprinkler was installed inside. Protestors also attacked an MTR van using a slingshot and sprayed painted the vehicle.


【16:26】A green iron stick was put on to the track of the Airport Express, causing the train to stop, could not move forward.


【16:49】Severe jam was caused on the Tsing Ma Bridge (direction to the Airport). Crowds decided to walk to the airport.

【17:01】Protestors set up barricades in the road opposite Tung Chung Swimming Pool, blocking the traffic downtown.

【17:03】Riot police departed from the airport, moving into the direction of Tung Chung from Airport Road. More than 100 riot police removed the barricade protestors set up coming between Airport Road.

【17:27】More than 100 riot police and the Special Tactical Contingent marched towards Tung Chung,  currently at Cathay City. Chief Superintendent David John Jordan was present at the scene.

【17:44】Protestors set fire to miscellaneous objects at the Shun Tung Road roundabout.

【17:56】 The exit of Citygate at Tung Chung Station was closed, MTR staff urged citizens to leave the scene immediately. Protestors continued to spray water using fire hoe.

【18:23】The fire department arrived at Shun Tung Road, extinguishing the fire on site.

【18:24】 Large number of the Special Tactical Contingent and riot police arrived at Tsing Yi station and chased down protestors.

【18:25】Protestors departed from Tung Chung, wanting to walk towards the direction of Sunny Bay. (distance between Sunny Bay and Tung Chung downtown is around 13 kilometers)

【18:38】Large number of riot police arrived at Tung Chung Crescent, starting to disperse the crowd.

【18:40】Large number of protestors attempting to leave the island along North Lantau Highway towards Kowloon.


【18:44】Riot police were inside Tung Chung Station, delaying the train service. A train was still present with citizens inside the carts.  Riot Police entered the train, stopping reporters from broadcasting. On the concourse, riot police were blocking reporters from entering the platform, reporters questioned, “What is the freedom of press?”

【19:11】Riot police inside Tung Chung Station started to leave, some patrolled outside of Fu Tung Plaza. Citizens shouted and scolded at the police. Special Tactical Contingent was standing by at the back.

【19:28】On the North Lantau Highway, protestors were informed onsite that 10 police vehicles were coming from the back, they then started to leave the carriageway, occupying all 3 lanes of the highway, hoping to gain more time for people to leave, people started running.

【20:02】Riot Police stationed at the Central to Mui Wo Pier, probably waiting for passengers who took the boat out of Tung Chung, arriving Central.


【20:04】Protestors departed from Tung Chung at 6pm, walking over 2.5 hours, then arrived near MTRC Siu Ho Wan Depot.

【20:38】Passengers who arrived at Central from Mui Wo, was stopped by police, bag searches were conducted. Numbers of young passengers were taken away by police and body search was conducted. Some passengers were also asked for their IDs. Police also asked citizens not to gather near the pier, and police blockade was set up.

【20:50】At Central Pier, Police has taken away a number of black plastic bags, was not confirmed if they were collected from the arrival ferry.

【20:54】After searches and ID checks, police left the pier.

【21:10】Large number of protestors left Tung Chung from the North Lantau Highway. After more than 3 hours, they have arrived in Sunny Bay,  free rides were at the scene, ready to help protestors leave the site.

【21:50】20-30 riot police were standing by at Tin Shui Wai Station, stopping passerby. Some were required for body and bag searches. As seen from reporters onsite, police were equipped with guns and flag-bearer was present.

【22:03】Riot police stopped and searched citizens, at least 9 were not allowed to leave and needed to stand in a row against the wall.

【22:25】At Tin Shui Wai Station, riot police left the scene after the stop and search, citizens continued in yelling at them, “You are here when we don’t need you, where were you when we needed you!”, “Leave! We are not paying for your overtime work!”, “Where are you at the Yuen Long Incident?”