2019.08.31 Raptor Squad Breached into Prince Edward Station and Assaulted Civilians / Denied Rescue Duty

After a quarrel between some protesters and several middle-aged men inside Prince Edward station, a group of Special Tactical Squad officers rushed into the train cabin and assaulted both protesters and commuters who were inside, beating them with batons and releasing pepper-spray.

According to witnesses, police simply stormed the station and beat the people inside without making any arrests, and police were accused of continued and excessive force against passengers who were not resisting. Police also chased and beat citizens inside Yau Ma Tei station. MTR later suspended services on five of its lines.

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#Some pro-government citizens attacked protesters on the train platform

Intense argument and attack by pro-gov citizens ensued

#Some pro-government citizens attacked protesters on the train platform

The incident occurred at about 10 pm on August 30. One of the men armed with a hammer attacked other passengers and reporters in the subway car, a large number of demonstrators surrounded them. MTR alarm.

Prince Edward MTR station.The complete fight that stopped the train services recorded.Full 10 minute fight.August 31, 2019#antiELAB #HongKong #HongKongProtest

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When the police arrived, they beat the passengers on the train.

As seen in the video, the citizens on the MTR were beaten by the Special Tactical Contingent using batons and applied tears to them without any threat.

Some people were pressed by the police on the ground and tied up with hand straps. Some citizens also bleed their foreheads.


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A child was beaten by batons and covered with blood.


MTR: The police have the right to enter the station including the carriage law enforcement

A spokesman for the MTR explained that there was a passenger clash in the train. The MTR was informed of the police and asked for help. It stressed that the police have the right to enter the station, including the carriages, and take enforcement actions. The professional of the MTR is to deal with the traffic. Violence must be handled by the police to maintain law and order on the railway.


At about 2 am, there were at least 8 ambulances waiting for an hour at Mong Kok. The injured inside the MTR station was still not lifted. There is a live emergency responder who said that it is understood that the rescue station has a diversion station in the MTR station. I do not understand why I have not seen the injured for more than an hour. The ambulance at Exit E of Prince Edward Station has set up Zone 3, from severely injured (red area) to lightly injured (green area).

A number of ambulances outside the Mong Kok Police Station were withdrawn. The scene said that there were at least 20 injured persons in the Prince’s Station. The MTR arranged for the train to take the injured to Lai Chi Kok Station and then to the hospital by ambulance. “Most white cars are in good condition and the medical staff are white.” A driver nearby witnessed about 20 suspected injured people being escorted to two police cars, the police car once took the road to Tsuen Wan and finally entered the Kwai Chung Police Station. He criticized the police for not allowing the injured to go to the hospital, going to the police station, and delaying the rescue. “This action is simply guilty, and I want to know how to help these injured people.”

Margaret Hospital revealed that it received 4 injured. In other words, only a few injured people were sent to hospital for treatment. The reporter saw outside the Kwai Chung Police Station that an ambulance car drove into the police station and laid down eight injured people. In addition, a bus is used to transport the arrested person to the police station. Outside the Kwai Chung Police Station, a number of arrested family members and lawyers are waiting.

(Source:Apple Daily (Chinese)