2019.08.31 Police Poses as Protesters, Shoots them with Pepper Ball, Forcefully Removing Pacified Protesters

Members in dark clothing, gas mask and holding pepper ball guns were filmed using hose ties to tie up the hands of a protester, then carrying him away. When asked by press whether or not they are police, they refused to answer and demanded the press to leave.

As shown in video, men holding pepper ball guns dressed in protester’s fashion, two men forcefully dragged a man with a black T-shirt away. Later arrived a number of unknown members with no uniform holding police shields blocking press access and camera, refusing to provide their identity.

Another video shows pepper ball gun being fired by someone dressed like a protester, with illuminating beacons on arm and backpack.

Vid 1 of 2. Pay close attention to the red lights flashing at the “protestor”s back – @hkpoliceforce riot police use red, blue, green flashing lights (like bike lights) to identify the team. This impersonator just threw Molotov cocktail. In 2nd vid we see him rejoining his team.