2019.08.25 The Tsuen-Kwai Tsing March (From Kwai Chung to Tsuen Wan)

A large number of protesters went to Kwai Chung Sports Ground to join the march in order to protest against police brutality and the government’s lack of compliance to the Five Demands.

The march was held in the Kwai Tsing District and the Tsuen Wan District. Similar to the Kwun Tong protest, the police lifted the ban after the organizers changed the route of the protest. On August 25, thousands of protesters marched from Kwai Chung Sports Ground to Tsuen Wan Park. MTR also closed Kwai Fong station, Tsuen Wan station, and Tsuen Wan West station temporarily.

Near Yeung Uk Road, protesters occupied a section of Yeung Uk Road and created makeshift roadblocks. The police used tear gas to disperse protesters, who threw petrol bombs. The police also deployed two specialized crowd management vehicles equipped with water cannon, firing it twice in the span of one hour. This was the first time the trucks were deployed. The march ended abruptly, but the protests spread to different districts around the city. Several protestors damaged a Fujianese owned mahjong school in Yi Pei Square, suspected of some association with the North Point brawl and the previous knife attacks in Tsuen Wan.


For both marches in Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan, the police had used 215 canisters of tear gas, 74 rubber bullets, 44 sponge grenades, and four bean bag rounds.


( Source: Wiki )