2019.08.24 Police dragged a protestor, beating him with batons

When arresting a protestor in Kowloon Bay police drag him on the ground for about 100 meters, beating him along the way and a riot police bash his with batons.

Police are using excessive force. LegCo member Wan Siu Kin pointed out ‘You can just arrest him, why do you do have to drag him for a 100 meters and keep beating him while you drag him? You hit him in the face!. They are acting beyond the law, this is criminal behaviour. This is out of the line, I will help him, I will get to the bottom of this.’

【8.24 九龍東衝突】警察拖行、棍擊示威者

【8.24 九龍東衝突】立法會議員尹兆堅 Facebook 專頁轉載一段網絡影片,顯示警方今日在採取拘捕行動時,將一名示威者拖行一段距離後,以警棍攻擊示威者面部。尹兆堅專頁指「要拘捕咪拘捕囉!點解要咁樣拖行佢一段距離?重要 一棍棍打,又打落塊面度!完全違法違規,事涉刑事,太過分,我會協助 追究到底!」

Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Saturday, 24 August 2019