2019.08.21 Anti-terrorisation sit-in (Yuen Long)

One month ago on 21st July in Yuen Long, the city was in shock after triad members in white terrorised antigovernment protestors coming back from the demonstration in Hong Kong Island.

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22:15 Participants stood up in silence for 2 minutes whenever the minute hand reaches 12 to express their anger and abhorrence towards terrorisation and the lack of police interventions on 21st July. Breathtaking scenes akin to “Crossing the Red Sea” appeared as a result.

20:56 A sea of participants in black appeared outside of Yuen Long MTR station. Leaving narrow space for passage. The sit-in went smoothly and peacefullly.

19:54 One month ago on 21st July in Yuen Long, the city was in shock after triad members dressed in white terrorised Hong Kong by indiscriminately attacking people who they assume were coming back from demonstrations in Hong Kong Island.

One month later, 27 attackers were arrested, but none was charged. On the other hand, more than 700 anti-extradition protestors were arrested, 44 was arraigned within 48 hours of their arrest.

Hong Kong Police’s action (and inaction) enraged the entire city. Therefore, tonight at the Yuen Long station, the braves came in unimaginable numbers to protest against political terror. Their silent sit-in was a loud and clear expression of their abhorence and anger towards injustice.

(Image, Article: Resistance Live Media ; Image:Associated Press、HKCNews

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