2019.08.18 Over 1.7 million people participated in a mass demonstration to restate the Five Demands and to reunite pacifists and activists within the anti-extradition movement

Police issued Letter of No Oobjection to the rally but not the march. Millions flocked to Victoria Park despite the heavy rain. Many of them equipped with protective gears. Multiple thoroughfares were clogged in Hong Kong Island.

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The CHRF announced that the police had approved a march on Sunday, 21 July, from Admiralty to the Court of Final Appeal, despite earlier requests by the police to delay the march till August. The police, fearing the risk of increased violence, stipulated in its letter of no objection that the march would avoid Admiralty and end at Luard Road in Wan Chai, and must end no later than midnight on the basis of public safety and public order – conditions more stringent than those placed on previous marches. The CHRF claimed that 430,000 people attended the protest, while the police put the figure at 138,000.

Some protesters advanced beyond the police-mandated endpoint for the protest and marched to the Court of Final Appeal, the intended destination, and to Sheung Wan as the police began to retreat. Major roads and thoroughfares in Admiralty and Central were occupied by protesters, and the water barriers surrounding the Police HQ were turned into a Lennon Wall. Some protesters surrounded the Hong Kong Liaison Office in Sai Ying Pun, threw eggs and black ink at the building, and defaced the Chinese national emblem outside the Office. Another group of demonstrators vandalised the Central Police Station. Scuffles broke out next to Shun Tak Centre. Protesters threw bottles at the police while the police used five rounds of rubber bullets and 55 canisters of tear gas and 24 sponge grenades to disperse the protesters. The government condemned the protesters for besieging the Liaison Office.

( Source: Wiki )