2019.08.09-11 “Fly to freedom”

A 3-day rally at the airport to draw international attention to the Anti-Extradition movement, restate the Five Demands and speak out against further police brutality. Airport rally continues.

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A second airport sit-in was held in the Hong Kong International Airport, which continued for three consecutive days. Protesters hoped to gain international support by having a “warm welcome.” Unlike previous sit-ins, this demonstration was not approved by the Airport Authority. Extra security measures were put in place, with authorities preventing anyone without a boarding pass from entering the check-in area.

Thousands gathered in both Terminal 1 and 2 by 6 pm. Dressed in black, democracy activists handed out leaflets and pamphlets to tourists in several languages, including English, Ukrainian, Spanish, and German. A large banner reading “Liberate HK” was also unfurled from the second floor balcony. Demonstrators chanted and sang Do You Hear the People Sing?

Due to the protests, all flights in and out of the airport were cancelled since Monday (12 August). The protests was said to have disrupted as a result of the public assembly at the airport.

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