2019.08.03 Major Conflicts Broke Out between Police and Residents of Wong Tai Sin

Police arrested citizens inside the Wong Tai Sin MTR station.

Locals of Wong Tai Sin quickly gathered and surrounded a police car which led to the firing of tear gas.

Later, vicious residents of Disciplined Services Quarters (where police and other disciplined forces reside) attempted to attack people on the streets by dropping objects.

The locals on the streets were not wearing protective gears at all, which was in stark contrast with the police and their anti-riot gear.

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Chaotic showdown in Wong Tai Sin as angry residents clash with Hong Kong riot police firing tear gasHong Kong Free Press.

After having received multiple shots of tear gas, protesters moved to the police station at Wong Tai Sin, then left via MTR. Riot police followed and arrested several alleged protesters in the Wong Tai Sin Station.

However, the presence of riot police officers angered nearby residents, who requested police to release those arrested and leave the district.

They threw umbrellas and set off fire extinguishers. Shortly after, police officers fired tear gas at residents to disperse the crowd, which then went to protest at the nearby police station and Disciplined Services quarters.

Dormitory residents showered residents and protesters with sticks, glass bottles and firecrackers from the building. After multiple shots of tear gas, protesters retreated and occupied Lung Cheung Road, then dispersed after.

( Source: Wiki )