2019.08.02 “We Stand By Our Citizens” – Rally by Civil Servants of Hong Kong

40000 civil servants attended the rally despite bad weather.

“Civil servants shall be forever loyal to social institution and citizens, and rule of law shall never be hijacked by misinterpretation of political neutrality and the Chief Executive.”

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Shortly after the medical sector rally began at Edinburgh Place, another rally had also started in Chater Garden held by thousands of civil servants. By 6:45 pm the park was already overflowing with people, prompting police to close nearby Chater Road to traffic. Former chief secretary Anson Chan and former Secretary for the Civil Service Joseph Wong both urged an independent inquiry into police misconduct and defended freedom of expression, questioning the validity of Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung’s warning about the risks of joining the rally and “breaching the principle of political neutrality.” Wong stated, “The first line [of the civil service code], which I wrote, is to safeguard the rule of law. Rule of law is higher than our loyalty to any official, any chief executive. No one is above it.”

Musician and activist Denise Ho also spoke at the rally and encouraged broad participation at the upcoming 5 August general strike. Ho said that there was safety in numbers and that the government is more likely to respond to continuous pressure and indefinite strike actions. While police estimated attendance of 13,000, the organizer claimed 40,000 civil servants participated at the rally.

(Source: Wiki