2019.07.28 Mass demonstration to protest against abuse of firearms on 21st July (Sheung Wan)

In 4 hours, police fired over 100 tear gas rounds (around 1 tear gas per 20 seconds at certain point), rubber bullets and sponge grenades.

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The day before protests, police approved a sit-in at Chater Garden, a public park in Central, but banned the demonstration to be held in Sheung Wan.

On 28 July, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the park and marched on the streets towards Causeway Bay and Sai Wan in defiance of police restrictions. They chanted in Cantonese: “Hong Kong police, knowingly break the law” (Chinese: 香港警察,知法犯法) and “Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times” (Chinese: 光復香港,時代革命).

Protesters arrived at Hennessy Road, outside Sogo Hong Kong, and constructed barricades. At the same time, a smaller group of about 200 protesters headed west towards the Liaison Office of the Central Government. Police and riot-police arrived shortly after, warning protesters of “unlawful assembly.”

At night, the stand-off evolved into violent clashes. Police fired numerous rounds of tear gas, rubber bullets, sponge grenades and pepper spray to disperse protesters.Police stated that protesters removed railings from streets, threw bricks, set fire to items, pushed a metal cart with papers on fire, and used a Y-shaped catapult to shoot metal balls at police. At least 16 people were injured and 49 were arrested for rioting and possessing offensive weapons.

( Source: Wiki )