2019.07.27 Yuen Long Demonstration against collusion between Hong Kong Police and the Triads

Tear gas was shot near an elderly home. Demonstration organizer Chung Kin Ping was arrested by police on the grounds of inciting others to participate in unlawful assemby .

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Despite a police ban on the rally, thousands turned up on 27 July to protest the violent mob attack in Yuen Long the previous Sunday.

Prior to the protest, a man was arrested for the stabbing of a pro-democracy activist dressed in black.

The protesters marched on the main roads in Yuen Long, and surrounded the Yuen Long police station.

Leonard Cheng, the president of Lingnan University, joined the march as an observer and became the first university chief to attend a protest since the Umbrella Revolution in 2014. The organisers claimed an attendance of about 288,000.

To disperse the protesters, the police fired tear gas in a primarily residential area and in the evening, the stand-offs between the protesters and the police escalated into violent clashes inside Yuen Long station.