2019.07.21 Yuen Long Triads assaulted passersby / Police did not arrive at the scene until 39 minutes later

Wikipedia (English): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Yuen_Long_attack

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In the evening, as the scuffles in Sheung Wan were taking place, pro-Beijing assailants wearing white shirts and armed with iron bars and wooden clubs gathered in Yuen Long, a town in the New Territories. At around 10 pm, these assailants started indiscriminately attacking people and cars on the street. They were reportedly targeting those wearing black, the dress code for the democracy rally on Hong Kong Island, but also attacked journalists and bystanders. One pregnant woman, wearing a long white dress, was found lying on the floor.

At around 10:30 pm, about a hundred white-shirted assailants appeared at Yuen Long railway station and attacked commuters in the concourse indiscriminately, on the platform and inside train compartments.

Two police officers arrived at 10:52 pm. However, they left the station as they judged that they were outnumbered by the assailants and did not have sufficient gear, according to the police.

Thirty police officers arrived at the station at 11:20 pm, but the assailants had left. Due to the violence, trains bypassed Yuen Long station between 10:56 pm and 11:19 pm and the station was ordered closed at 11:55 pm.

However, after midnight, white-shirted assailants forced open the station’s shutters to launch the second wave of attacks on passengers; no police officers were at the scene then. In all, at least 45 citizens were reported injured, including Legislative Council member Lam Cheuk-ting and two reporters; one other journalist had their equipment smashed.

Citizens made calls to the emergency hotline upon seeing the armed group assembling at around 7:00 pm and an MTR spokesman said the first call by the MTR to the police was made at around 10:45 pm, but police officers arrived more than three hours after initial calls for help were made.

The local police call center received thousands of calls between 10 pm and midnight, and some citizens could not connect to the reporting hotline.

The management of Yoho Mall, a shopping mall next to Yuen Long station, also attempted to call the police but they could not get in touch with them. The police station near Yuen Long shut its gate in response to the hundreds that turned up to report the incident.

Overnight, the police confronted the mobsters in Nam Pin Wai Village and confiscated several steel bars, though no arrests were made as they saw no one holding weapons and “noticed nothing criminal” in the village and claimed they could not determine the identity of the white-shirted mobsters.


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