2019.07.14 Police charged into New Town Plaza and forcefully dispersed protestors

Police flanked the protestors from 3 sides, so they fleed into the shopping mall, but unprecedently, riot police charged into the mall and trapped passersby in it.

Like the marched in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sheung Shui, Sha Tin anti-extradition bill protest turned violent. Shopping malls along the marching route were open for business as usual. The police, however, began site-clearing operations at 9 p.m., flanking protestors from 3 sides, forcing them to flee into malls. Shops immediately closed their doors. Police charged into the malls for the first time during site-clearing operations, trapping other civlians inside. Some complained they could not go home, while others questioned if a curfew was in fact announced. Not long after, conflict erupted between police and the protestors inside the mall.