2019.07.07 Conflict erupted in Mongkok / Crowd-dispersing police lost self-restraint and professionalism

People took to the streets during the Kowloon Anti-Extradition Protest to march from Salisbury Garden to High-Speed Rail West Kowloon Station, to express dissatisfaction and restate demands.

Mr So, who participated in the demonstration, said “The Hong Kong Police Force should be reeducated in the future, (policeman) treated the press and protesters as if they are rioters. (From what was heard yesterday,) the slogans were targeted towards the excessive use of violence and authority by the police. If the HKPF does not face these problems, it will not be easy for them to lawfully carry out duties in the future.” He continued by suggesting the HKPF to inspect the thoughts and behaviors of the policemen, “Driving the protesters back to the pedestrian was reasonable, however, the policemen pushed the crowd non-stop. They were out of control and acted emotionally. They were venting emotions. They did not give way for protesters to disperse.