2019.06.29 Another life lost

A note was written with Red Marker pen. ‘Though our struggle will be long, we must not forget what we have been holding on to as our beliefs.’

It is reported that the deceased is a female whose surname is Lo, she lives in Sheung Shui with her family, she does not live near the scene. She applied for the Education University program in Creative Arts and Culture (Music), she started a new relationship weeks ago but was having a fight with her boyfriend. Sources reveal she participated in many marches and rallies but never stayed overnight. She has written a 100-words long note on the wall near the staircase on the 24th floor with a red pen before she fell to her death. The note says, ‘Though our struggle will be long, we must not forget what we hold on to as our beliefs, we must persist, we strongly demand the full withdrawal of the extradition bill, retraction of calling protestors ‘rioters’, release students and other protestors…I wish giving my meager life can realize two million peoples’ wish, please hang on.’ it was then uploaded to Instagram. (Apple Daily)