Police shot multiple rounds of tear gas into the crowd outside CITIC building, the only way for hundreds of protestors to escape from the tear gas was the single revolving door entrance of CITIC building.

Pro-democracy legislators criticised the police action, which nearly caused a stampede.

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According to the CHRF, the police had earlier agreed to peaceful demonstration within the area outside CITIC Tower in its letter of no objection. However, teargas was fired by police, to some criticism.

Videos depicted the police firing tear gas on both sides of Lung Wui Road at around 4 pm as in a pincer movement near Citic Tower went viral on Hong Kong social media. People who were trying to push into the building to flee the gas found the doors locked and themselves cornered by police.

As people trickled through the jammed central revolving door and a small side door, the police fired another two tear gas canisters into the trapped crowd fuelling panic.

Protesters attempted to break down another locked side door in a desperate attempt to gain entry. Pro-democrat legislators criticised the police action which nearly caused a stampede.

Amnesty International also criticised the use of tear gas against the trapped crowd.

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