2019.06.06 Legal Sector Rally in Black, More Than 2500 Participated

Dennis KWOK estimated, 2500 to 3000 participated in the rally. It sets a new record after the handover. KWOK hopes that the legal sector standing against the anti-extradition bill together reflects the destruction of the bill. He hopes Hong Kongers will take the street on 9th June.

In the past rallies, the legal sector has marched against the National People’s Congress and White paper. It is only this time, the sector pin-pointed local lawmaking. KOWK claimed, the sector is furious towards the decision, they reckon the Cheif Executive single-handedly pushed Hong Kong’s legal system to death.

With his second participation, Senior Council Joseph TSE claimed he did not consider any political reasons. The bill has violated basic principles. He said judges were not always right. For example, The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal will rule for appeals in different cases. Though judges can keep a close eye on but “Safeguarding the system, but is there real safeguarding? That’s another question.”

The threshold for extradition is raised to cover crimes punishable by at least 7 years behind bars. Senior counsel and ex-chairman of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority Ambrose HO reckon, there is an error in logic when the government imposes a 7-year threshold.  “Crimes which requires 7 years of imprisonment, those are serious crimes which essentially requires more safeguarding. ” HO expressed, there isn’t a well-established legal system in China right now and he is not confident enough, therefore, the bill should exclude any locations in Mainland China.




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