2019.05.04 Civil Human Rights Front’s Anti-extradition law assembly

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) held an assembly at a demonstration area outside the Legislative Council yesterday during the special internal meeting of the Civil Human Rights Front, where about 300 people showed solidarity with the pro-democracy camp. Some people at the assembly accused the pro-establishment camp of being aggressive and cruel, and that Hong Kong people would have “no good life” if the legislative amendments were passed. The Civil Human Rights Front calls on the public to attend a 4th June candlelight vigil next month and continue to oppose the amendment.

The assembly started at 1:30 p.m. and ended at 7:15 p.m. with about 300 people in attendance. When the pro-democracy camp spoke, they were applauded and chanted slogans such as “Go Democrats”; when the pro-establishment camp spoke, they “booed” the assembly participants. Democrats went to the protest area after the meeting and bowed in gratitude to the assembly participants who stayed for six hours. Mr Tam, a retired engineer who attended the assembly, rebuked the pro-establishment camp for forcing Abraham Shek Lai-him to replace James To Kun-sun, which was aggressive and cruel. However, he thinks that the bill has a good chance of being passed, and says that the legislative amendments have trapped Hong Kong people in injustice. Ms. Ho, who works in the IT industry, criticised the amendment as an integration with the unjust justice system in the Mainland, which has pervaded Hong Kong with white terror.

The convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit, said that there will be another large-scale anti-extradition law event in the middle of next month, but the most pressing task is to get more people to attend the 4th June vigil and continue to oppose the legislative amendments. Former legislator Mrs. Lau Siu-lai said that if the amendment is passed, “this year’s 4th June assembly will be the last one ever” and hoped that at least 300,000 people would attend.

During the assembly, about five male “mystery men” wearing masks and caps were filming the situation on their cell phones when reporters approached and asked, but they refused to be interviewed. About 10 people from the pro-establishment groups “Hong Kong People in Politics (政中香港人)” and “Treasure Group (珍惜群組)” also demonstrated outside the Legislative Council yesterday afternoon, with a number of police officers on alert. The Treasure Group said Taiwan’s murder case is pending the settlement of the injustice, and urged that the law be amended as soon as possible.


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