1119 Police brutally assault an Arrestee inside police car and police station

A group of protesters gathered in Mong Kok on 19th January and had clashes with police. A 16-year-old student hit the right hand of a police officer with a brick. This case was brought to court on 21th January, the defendant was absent and still hospitalized. He was discharged from the hospital and sent to the court on 23th January. He showed up at the court on a wheelchair.

The defendant (16 years old, student) was charged for assaulting an on duty police officer X at Dundas Street. He filed a complaint on court against police officers for beating up his head and legs even when he was subdued. They later assaulted his injured body on the police car, and the beating continued in Mong Kok police station.

The prosecutor applied for a gagging order which forbids the public disclosure of any personal information of the police officers X (the attacked) and Y (the one that made arrest). The order was applied and approved by the judge to prevent their identity from being revealed.

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