2019.09.29 Over 100,000 participated in Taipei rainy parade to support Hong Kong protest

Rain held back no Taiwanese to stand up to the totalitarianism of the Chinese Communist Party. Organised by students and civil associations, the march, titled “929 Taiwan Hong Kong Grand Parade – Support Hong Kong, Fight Against Totalitarianism”, gathered over 100,000 participants to chant for civil rights, freedom and democracy to Hong Kong today (29 September).

Kicked off from Legislative Yuan on Jinan Road at 4:00PM, the crowd stretched along Gongyuan Road, Xiangyang Road, Chongqing South Road, Hengyang Road, Zhonghua Road, Hankou Street, Guanqian Road and Taipei Station. The team then returned to Jinan Road for an evening vigil. According to the official figure from the organiser, the number of participant reached 100,000 in the event.


(14:18) Hung Tzu-yung, member of the Legislative Yuan, urged Taiwanese to support Hong Kong by taking part in the parade via her Facebook fanpage.

(15:07) Lin Chih-chien, mayor of Hsinchu City, declared support for Hong Kong. In the evening, legislators from Democratic Progressive Party, New Power Party and Green Taiwan represented Hsinchu residents to back Hong Kong protestors by joining the event in Hsinchu Lennon Wall. Lin wrote “support HK” and “uphold freedom, democracy and human rights” to represent encouragement of Hsinchu to Hong Kong.

(15:53) A flash mob rally named “Voices of Taiwan Healthcare Workers for Hong Kong” was held in front of the National Taiwan University Hospital in August 21. Seven to eight members of Taipei Doctors Union, the initiator of the demonstration, showed up in the parade today, wishing peace to the movement in Hong Kong.

(16:16) Hong Kong popstar Denise Ho was doused with red paint by a masked man during an interview at the stage at 2:50PM. Ho remained calm and solemn, added that demonstrators were threatened similarly every day in Hong Kong.


(17:18) Yu Shyi-kun, former Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party, took part in the demonstration. He commented that democracy in Taiwan is never easy to come by. Besides showing grievance to the Hong Kong students who were attacked by the black-clad mob, Yu also appealed to the youth of Hong Kong for actively fight for freedom due to the past advocacy of reunification of the city to the mainland China.

(17:43) Denise Ho and Freddy Lim, member of the Legislative Yuan, held a press conference at 5:00PM, denouncing the act of the “red terror”. Claiming that she would not back down, Ho pointed out that the paint attack depicted only a tip of the iceberg. “I wholeheartedly wish the day Taiwanese have to wear masks for demonstration would never come” noted Ho. She would firmly pursue the offender after consulting legal advices.

(18:30) Hsu Kuo-yung, Minister of Interior of the Republic of China, wrote on his Facebook post, revealing that two suspects were detained in police custody in Zhongxiao West Road. Under the rule of law, Hsu added that no citizen who vandalised freedom of speech would be tolerated. Offenders would be brought to justice according to the law.


(19:41) During the evening vigil, Denise Ho remarked that people shall not be frightened by brutality. “It is reasonable to feel angry. Moreover, we shall utilise the anger, rendering it to greater determination and courage in order to confront the assault of filthiness.”

(20:21) Wu Rwei-ren, researcher of Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, pointed out that the “water revolution” of the anti-extradiction law protest is an authentic revolution in the history, or a historic miracle. The leaderless yet well-organised and highly-coordinated mass is a representation of local commonwealth.

(21:46) Lam Wing-kee, owner of the Causeway Bay Books, urged Taiwanese to stand with the Hong Kongers on the stage. “Lots of students in Hong Kong are listed as wanted after protesting. Owning to the legal norms, most of the students could only stay short after arriving in Taiwan.” He requested the Taiwan government to extend the residence permit for the wanted youngsters. “As a nation of freedom and democracy, please lend the young activists a helping hand.”

Liberty Times Net