Police Misconduct

Because there are video proofs for most of these cases, the amount of data transfer is large. Therefore, we also provide an alternative view mode, It available in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Currently, there are over 590 cases in Chinese and 160 cases in English of police misconduct classified into 14 categories, including:

Misconduct of off-duty officers, collusion and deliberate ignorance towards Triads, perverting the course of justice, sexual violence, “Threat, intimidation and verbal abuse”, refusing to produce warrant cards, planting evidence on arrestees, attacking journalists and interfering with freedom of the press, attacking first-aiders and delaying medical treatment of arrestees, physical assault, abuse of police authority, collusion with Communist power, and improper use of weapons.

We will continue to record all police misconduct until the day comes when justice prevails.

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Physical Violence Abuse ()
Collusion with Gangs and Habouring Crimes ()
Colluding with Chinese Government ()
Refusal on Presenting Warrant Card ()
Attack Journalists and Interfere Freedom of Press ()
Attack Medical Workers and interfere Medical Treatments ()
Verbal Abuse ()
Abuse of Power ()
Mis-conduct During Off-duty Time ()
Weapon Abuse ()
Sexual Abuse ()
Perverting the Course of Justice ()
Protectors Wronged by Police ()
Starred Case ()
Deprivation of human rights of the arrestees ()
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